Wednesday, October 13, 2004

A Plug for other Blogs

Okay, most people reading this probably know already that I help contribute to a blog with Dana and Keem. It is called Out of the Mouths of Morons and we write about the dumb conversations we've had at our jobs. Most of the stories come from NABABNA ("Not like we'd tell you where we really work") and I know I should post more often to the site. I have a notebook with about 10 posts that need to be written.

Why am I talking about Moron Mouth (which is what we've started to refer to it as), you ask? I was checking my counter stats (not because I care about the number going up, but I find really cool sites this way!), and someone found my site by doing a search for "". I got to see the search and I found that there are 9 blogs with Moron Mouth listed as links. Granted, two of these are from Dana and I, but this is still really cool!

I want to share what I've come to think of as, "Friends of Moron Mouth" links. Check them out. They're fun!

Listed in order as they appeared on the search:

Lala Land - A fun site I'm just starting to read. I love it!

Dreams of Nyssa - Awesome blog! And she scrapbooks! I love the page layouts and may shamelessly pilfer the idea of posts pictures of scrapbook pages.

Pops 'n' Buzzes - He found our site through Jason Silver

Reverend Joyleaf - I really enjoy this site, I look forward to updates

Bird's Eye Preview - The Dahling Jay, awesome site.

Echoman-man-man-an-an-an-an-an-an... - I need to check this site out some more.

Which Surprised Her - The wonderful, fabulous, amazing, decent, funny, serious, caring, and all-around great Lioness. This blog is good for my soul. She opens my eyes to so many things and really makes me think. I laugh, I cry, and I try to become a better person by reading her site.

I would like to create links to all of these sites on the side. If this is okay with each member, please let me know!

And, although he doesn't have a link to Moron Mouth, Firebear's site is fantastic! He also works in a call center and he deserves props. And he's a pirate! I love pirates!

Here's my resolution. I will try to post more often than once a week to Moron Mouth. I really am trying. Seriously. You don't believe me? Well, then. "I have no response to that."


I did a post to Moron Mouth. I'm looking for suggestions on which posts to write first. Which of these sound interesting?
origami - The art of instructing someone how to fold paper over the phone
Why We Identify Customers? - A story about a person actually pleased with our security - This would be more nice than moronic.
"For everything else, there's Masturbation." - A slip of the tongue when referring to a credit card. Actually, Matt, you are supposed to write this. We need you as a guest blogger for Moron Mouth.
Rovert - Or why you should never actually get a crush on someone's voice. You know, this may actually be a love life story for this blog. It's not Moron Mouth worthy.
Things Not to say to a helpdesk representative when you call or maybe just things that annoy people named Beth.


At 8:27 AM, CarpeDM said...

Origami! Origami!I will need to check these out. That is so cool that they have linked to us.

At 11:28 AM, Matt said...

I will see how soon I can get to be Guest Status writer for moron mouth, because if it has not been added I would also like to share with the world on moronmouth the story of the tv. Hope you have a good day, and I wanted to be the first to say to yu, Cute Boy Cute Boy Cutey Cutey Cute Boy hit on youuu.........
Big Brother
P.S. I would appreciate the origami story, I think that would be good.

At 2:51 PM, srmc said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful comment on my blog.

I would be honored for you to post a link. That is so cool!

I am guess I better post more of my layouts since I have had the same three on there ever since I started my blog. LOL! I say go ahead an post your layouts. I would love to see them!

At 3:48 PM, Firebear said...

Dang my ears are burning, Now I see why! I have added the link, mistress!

At 8:24 PM, The Lioness said...

If you do a search of your blog's URL it will list everyone that ever linked you. Nice, isn't it? I've had suprises.

It's be a pleasure to be linked - but dahling Beth (I love it that you refer to Jay that way too, I'm internationally subversive as it turns out): YOU DON'T NEED MY BLOG TO BECOME A BETTER PERSON. In fact, I doubt it that you NEED to become a better person! It would make life for the rest of us unbearable, the perpetual shame of being us...

It's nice to think you've discovered Lala, the very much non-yeti person, and Jay through me. (It was through me, right?) I found the Morons and DM through you (I think I found you through blog changes), and that beautifully-in-love-with-his-wife Firebear. Blogging is awesome, in both senses, isn't it?

I also want origami!

At 9:05 PM, Lala said...

Ah thank yew, thank yew very much!
Isn't Lioness wonderful. The power in her posts is incredible. A very strong communicator no matter which language she uses. Nice to be noticed here. You guys at Nabana have made me laugh pretty hard these past few days.

At 9:17 PM, Rev said...

Absolutely feel free to put a link to my blog. I love your blog and read faithfully. Moron Mouth makes me laugh. I'll be updating soon (tried to earlier but when I published something went wrong and I lost the post).

At 12:56 AM, brooksba said...

Wow! 7 comments! I feel really special. =)

Dana - There seems to be three votes for origami, I'll work on that tonight. It is awesome to see links to Moron Mouth.

Matt - Get the posts ready and we'll get them on Moron Mouth. The TV story is fantastic! And the whole credit card one is great but it needs a Matt touch.

Nyssa - You're welcome. I enjoy your site. I'll do layouts soon. Oh, I have a digital camera, I could do this very soon... =)

Firebear - Yea! Another link! And I need to have Dana help with the Moron Mouth template to have all these links there too!

Lioness - I meant every word I said. Thank you for what you said about me and also know that I want to always try to better myself. You help me with that. I did discover Lala and Jay through you. I think you found me the same time the Rev did.

Lala - I'm so glad we can make others smile. Welcome to the "family". I love your site.

Rev - Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate them. I need to check tonight for updates. I read often. (Yes, I need to better at commenting.)

Thank you everyone! I am working on the origami post next.