Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's Been Awhile - How About Some Pictures to Make Up for My Vanishing Act

We all know that I haven't been around. Instead of apologizing and making a promise that I can't keep right now, I thought I'd just take the opportunity to post something that I wanted online. Dana and I went to Duluth a couple of weeks ago and stood along the shoreline of Lake Superior while the temperature was hovering around zero Farhenheit. Neither of us lost fingers or toes and managed to avoid frostbite by layering our clothing so much that someone could have pushed lightly and we may have fallen over.

But we had a good time. It might be crazy, but it really was fun. We drove along Skyline Parkway at night and viewed the HWY 2 bridge all lit up. We stopped along the shore of Lake Superior to see the ice breaking up and admiring how much it looks like broken glass everywhere. We stayed up all night long to watch the sunrise over Lake Superior. It was a good trip.

What would a trip be without pictures? You got it. Here are some of my favorites (and yes, I'm getting much better at narrowing down the field. I have decided to develop less than 10% of the pictures taken by my camera. I'm getting better!):

sunrise collage 8 by 10
In the bottom row of images here, I would like to point out the two pictures with the orangish tone. What I love about these images is the fact you can see the ice evaporating away from the sun's rays. Pretty cool!

HWY 2 Bridge
Hwy 2 Bridge BW

A Very Cold Dana
Frozen Dana

A Very Cold Beth

Duluth Skyline

Arial Bridge
Arial Bridge

Ice on the Lake
ice on lake collage
The third picture from the left in the bottom row is an ice fishing hut. See, there are people crazier than Dana and I.

Dana again - looks happier here.
Dana at lakeshore smile

Vroom (or how I learned that my tripod is not strong enough to battle wind and the extra weight of my new telephoto lens)

If you're interested, the entire set of "best pics" from the trip are here:

I hope you enjoy. I'll now head back to the schoolbooks. I am so glad this is getting close. I do NOT like the class I'm in right now. Ug.