Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Still Sick

This stupid cold. Needs to end NOW.

On a lighter note, I was inspired to write something as I read Diana's site and her post about planning a birthday party for her soon-to-be 6-year old son. In efforts to write a post about birthday parties, I went through a large box of pictures looking for a specific picture. I did not find it. So that post will be put on hold until I find the picture (that I think may be in a scrapbook at my mom's), but I did get some pictures to post. They're random and I thought a few were funny.

My parents
This is a picture of my parents. Anyone seeing a picture of just one of them says that I look like the respective parent. When a picture of both of them is present, people say that they look enough alike that they could be brother and sister, which accounts for why I look so much like both of them.

Beth, baby
This is a picture of me when I was very young. I found it funny because there is a lit cigarette in the ashtray right next to me. The 70's were a very different time than today is.

Beth drinking
Not only was it common for cigarettes to be right next to children, I guess it was okay to give a two-year old alcohol. I'm sure I had a toothache and it was probably a bit of brandy, but it is amusing.

Beth crying
Why do parents find the need to take pictures of a crying child? Doesn't that just make the child cry more?

Mom and Dad wedding
I post this picture almost solely for Dana's enjoyment. My parents were wed in 1975 and yes, that is a blue leisure suit my dad is wearing. My grandpa picked it out. Not many will get this, but a guy that calls me every few months (the player) looked (when his hair was longer) like my dad does in this photo. Just another thing to add to my list for when I finally need therapy.

Mom at Cheryl's Wedding
This is my mom at my aunt Cheryl's wedding. It was in the 80's (the groom wore a white tux!) and I was in the wedding. I love this picture of my mom.

Beth at Cheryl's Wedding
As I said, I was in the wedding. The dress was a hoop skirt and I had a blast running around in the cemetery next to the church in it. The look of fear on my mom's face was priceless. This dress ended up being a costume for two or three Halloweens (easy - make me a princess. Nevermind that I never wanted to be a princess, but it was a quick and cheap costume). During the rehearsal, I was told to be careful when sitting that I didn't sit on the hoop. So during the wedding, I made sure to lift up the hoop and avoid having the entire skirt fly up in my face. In doing this, I managed to moon the entire congregation. Hey, I was 8.

Beth hiding
Who do you think I was hiding from? And why did I think that the little pink bunny would be an adequate hiding place? Yeah, I was never that great at Hide 'N Seek.

Beth thinking
This picture is shown just to point out the colic in my hair. It is quite prominent.

Dad's graduation photo
This is my dad's graduation picture. I like this picture.

Dana at party
Non-family related, but here is a picture of Dana. It is from the surprise birthday party that Adam threw for me the first year we lived together. Dana was not drunk; she had not had any alcohol that night. This is just who Dana is. Fun and carefree and silly.

The night of that party is a story I have held off posting for a long time. While I was surrounded by friends and did have a good time with certain people, there were others that made the night not so great. The person throwing the party is one of those people. I am also not feeling well enough to tackle that story. It would probably make me feel worse and I'm not sure if it is a wound that I want to re-open. For now I'll just say that Adam and I no longer talk and this night (the build up to it) was the first scar and first step towards the end.

Another reason I don't want to write that post is because it is depressing. I'd rather focus on happy things, like Dana and Gil flirting at karaoke. Or how fun work can be. Or posting pictures of friends and family (especially pets!).

A few weeks ago, I went to Perkin's with a notebook. I sat and drank Coke and talked with the server, Jen, and wrote down words and short phrases to try and remember anything I could from growing up. It was an exercise to increase the number of stories I could tell on this site. Some of the ideas are short, some longer, but there are many glimmers. Some are actually rather dull but I hoped they would jog my memory.

I think I'll leave this post with one of the shorter stories. It is the first memory I have.

Our family had a dog, 1/2 Collie, 1/2 random assortment, when I was little. His name was Frog. He was not green and don't go there. Frog received his name because my dad was a hockey player and I've been told that good hockey players from Canada are sometimes called frogs. It probably roots from some way to insult French people, but that's beside the point. Frog was a great dog. He was loving to our family and could outrun anyone. Except for when my dad put on the ice skates and did circles around Frog on the ice.

I remember I was in my room, the bright yellow one with a life sized Big Bird in the corner (which "got lost in a move"). We lived in a yellow house and everything was bright and cheery. Looking back, I see why my dad said his favorite color was yellow. In my room, I had a box full of Barbies. Being 10 years younger than all my female cousins, I inherited many of their old play toys and I had quite an extensive collection of these dolls.

As a child does, I played with the dolls. I was changing their clothes and brushing their hair. Frog came into the room, snatched up a Barbie shoe and ate it! I remember being sooooooooo mad at him! I chased after him, hardly keeping a close distance, and yelling in youngster language. I may or may not have called him, "Son of a bitch!" which was one of my mom's favorite phrases when she was upset. I said it once in front of relatives and my mom exclaimed, "Sandwich! Oh look, she wants a sandwich! Here Beth!" Then she gave me a sandwich. No surprise that I thought a sandwich was called, "Son of Bitch" for years.

The day that Frog ate one of my Barbie shoes is the day I became very particular about my things. My dad tells me that I was always careful with anything because I always wanted it to be in the same condition as when I first got it. I also never lost anything.

There's my story. It is simple and it is my first memory.

That wore me out. I'm going to go lay down and rest some more.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Serious Post? Random Things? Stream of Consciousness?

Blah. I called in sick to work today. I have now officially spent two days sitting around my apartment, doing pratically nothing and feeling like crap while I do it.

Stupid sickness. I hate it. I've been nauseous most of the day (I won't go any farther than that) and my back is killing me with the body aches. On a positive note, my temperature is returning to normal, I'm down to 97.8. One more degree and I'll be at normal for me. The bad part of my back hurting is that it actually feels like my kidneys want to kill me. Lower back pain sucks. I wish I had refused to do that stupid test in Phy-Ed when I was 13 and then maybe, just maybe, I wouldn't have recurring issues with my back like this.

What is worse is the fact I realized that I'm out of Coca-Cola. I know I shouldn't drink it when I'm sick, but I'm getting a caffeine withdrawal headache. I have fifteen 12-packs at my dad's and not one single can (take that back. Not one single can with Coke in it) in my apartment. Blah.

I did manage to find a bunch of Hi-C juice boxes in my second refrigerator. I must have put them in there months ago and forgot about them completely. Yea! Vitamin C! My mom buys these for me all the time and I love them. I think it is a left-over craving from my childhood.

Today was an iTunes day. That's all it was. There may be a problem when I start thinking of iTunes as a companion (I am joking here. Don't worry.)

So, iTunes, how's it going?
Feel Good Time (Pink & William Orbit.)
Funny. I'm glad you're so cheery. Have you noticed the weather?
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow (Garth Brooks)
Outside the window it is snowing. You are so wise iTunes.
Hard Habit to Break (Chicago)
You're not full of yourself at all, are you?
What'cha Gonna Do? (Cowboy Mouth)
Maybe I'll Leave
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (Wham!)
Whatever. I'm not actually leaving.
Every Rose Has Its Thorn (Poison)
Hey! What gives?
Get What You Give (Jonny Lang)
I'm nice to you. When have I not been nice to you?
Talking in Your Sleep (Romantics)
Are you watching me sleep now?
Near You Always (Jewel)
You're sick iTunes. Sick.
The Wrong Man was Convicted (BNL)
Are you saying I should shut you off?
She Hates Me (Puddle of Mudd)
I don't hate you iTunes. I'm just not feeling 100%.
Blame it On Me (BNL)
You made me sick?
29 Ways (Marc Cohn)
What? Why? Who are you?
Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson)
I'm going to get you iTunes!
Try a Little Tenderness (Otis Redding)
That's not going to work this time!
Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? (Culture Club)
No. Stop being such a kidder.
Why (Annie Lenox)
Because you're being mean for no reason.
You May Be Right (Billy Joel)
Remember when we were chatting about Sunday night?
Friends (Cowboy Mouth)
That's right. We were talking about my friends. What do you think about Dana?
She's a Lady (Tom Jones)
I know that. What do you think about her and Gil?
I'll Remember (Madonna)
You forgot about it already? Well, she hasn't posted the flirting yet, but you know about it.
Lovers or Friends (Cowboy Mouth)
Right now, friends. But do you think they could be lovers?
Someday (Sugar Ray)
In the Year 2525 (Zagar & Evans)
Come on. You're not serious. What do you really think?
She Can't Do Anything Wrong (Bob Seger)
She did flirt perfectly on Sunday, didn't she?
Yes! Yes! Yes! (BNL)
I see you're as excited as all of Dana's faithful readers are.

Okay, enough talking with iTunes. Dana - finish your post now!

2,645. That is how many games of Spider solitaire I've played since I bought this computer. I may be slightly obsessed. I wonder how many games it takes to go completely insane?

Since I have spent the last two days doing nothing, I don't have much to write. I'm sure there are stories from my childhood I could try to write up and a million posts that I never did write up, but I can't think of any now. Sorry.

Where My Mind is At

There's about 15 hundred random things running through my head right now. Make that 15,001. I am almost positive that I've caught some bug going around. My head feels like it's about to get stuffy and my bones are aching. I don't get aches when the weather changes. The room is hot then cold and then hot again.

I hate, hate being sick. I have yet to find the person who loves being sick, but it irritates me so. On a positive note, my temperature is normal, or at least normal for other people. I'm at 98.6 exactly. The problem is that I'm normally at 96.8. So maybe it is just a mini-bug.

In the mail today, I received a notice from the car dealership where I bought my Toyota a year ago. They are suggesting I get a 15,000-mile scheduled maintenance check. I live rather close to work and still have yet to hit the 10,000-mile marker. I think I have about another 6 months before I need to worry about this check up. I'll just get an oil change and replace the wiper blades. I get junk mail from Toyota about once every two weeks. One thing I do enjoy is the fact the salesman who sold me this car was better than the one at Chevrolet. The junk mail I get has my name spelt correctly. You wouldn't think it was that hard to spell the last name, "Brooks." You'd be amazed.

On the subject of my last name, I do have a complaint. There is another supervisor at our call center whom I've known for about 5 years now. He calls me Brooke. I know he gets my first name mixed up with my last name, but come on! Is Beth so hard to say? It makes me feel devalued when he does it. Annoying.

I spent the entire day at home. I spoke with no one and I relaxed. The only time I left my apartment was at 2 AM to take out a bag of garbage, get my clean laundry from my car (I've been a bit lazy about bringing it inside), and to check the mail. My day consisted of watching movies and scrapbooking. I actually have finished the two albums of ocean pictures from our trip to Portugal and I'm excited to start working on the pictures from our day in Evora (once they arrive). My computer was busy uploading pictures to the photo developing company I use and I found that purchasing the 500 pre-paid prints package is a good idea. 4 x 6's are only 18 cents this way. It costs $90 up front, but it still saves a bit of change.

In going through pictures, I am getting ruthless about developing pictures. I love the fact that DM and I took over 4,000 pictures while visiting Johnny (Liz figured it out - we took the equivilent of a 24-pictures roll of film every hour we were there). My screen saver is still set to the pictures and I come home from work to find a picture of Johnny, or her pets, or some magnificent artwork from the Gulbenkian all the time. It makes me smile. With five scrapbooks completed from the trip, I wonder how many more it will take. My bet right now would be 5 or 6 more. We joked before hand that I would end up with 12 scrapbooks of the trip and it is still a possibility. I'm going to need another bookshelf soon.

Because I do so much scrapbooking (which I don't talk about that much on here), I am a consultant for a scrapbooking organization. I love the products they produce and I'm in it for the discount. I don't hold classes or make any money from it, but I have been known to share a discount or two with DM and Keem. I had to place my November order for new products today. I bought even more organizational products. That's the main problem with scrapbooking. There is so much stuff (paper, pens, stickers, albums, dye-cuts, cutting systems, etc.) that it has taken over my dining room and is threatening to take over my living room. I really need a storage area (other than my dad's basement). One of these days I'll have a house. You'd think a single female wouldn't need more than 800-square feet, but I can amaze you. I'm thinking about pretending I'm moving so I go through stuff and throw junk out.

Another cause for lack of space in my apartment is my DVD-obsessioncollection. I have approximately 400 titles (I have been a bit behind on my list and lost count). I have five separate racks to hold them all. It is sick. And I haven't even been buying them with the frequency I used to. In fact, I think I've only purchased three in the last three months and two of those are still being mailed. (I had to pre-order March of the Penguins. It would have been a sin not too.)

So today I watched movies. I started with The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It is cute. I know people who've read the book did enjoy it. I never did read the story, but found the flow of the plot quite imaginative and am fascinated by the scope of the creativeness.

After that I had to watch The Ref. I watched it mainly because I'm going to lend it to Steve and wanted to make sure I saw it before Christmas arrives. I remember seeing this movie for the first time with my parents at the discount theater (the one that actually uses real butter on their popcorn) and laughing hysterically. It is my favorite Christmas movie. And I can watch it anytime of the year (I do in fact.) I've probably seen this movie at least 150 times. I can quote most of it. One of these days I'll watch it and try to count how many times the word "fu*ck" is actually used. And yet I can watch it with my parents.

The Ref started my Christmas movie kick. The next film I popped in was National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Classic. Then I watched a South Park DVD with a few Christmas episodes on it. There is an episode of South Park that drives DM crazy (actually, most of the episodes annoy her) and it consists of 10 songs with holiday themes. I get a particular kick out of "Christmastime in Hell," "I Have a Little Dreidel," and "Merry F*ucking Christmas." Hey, if Jesus doesn't have a sense of humor, I don't want to met him.

I also watched The Lion King tonight. I haven't watched this in ages and I remember going on a date to see the show at a local theater that still had a balcony and magnificent curtains that drew back when the show was about to start. The date wasn't that great, but it was a grand theater in its day.

Watching some of these movies reminded me of growing up. The summer after 8th grade, my cousin was living with us and she loved to go to movies. It started my parents and I on a kick to see many movies in the theater. Before Sus lived with us we rarely went to a movie and it was never on opening weekend. Then we were going to at least two movies every weekend. I do miss that. It was nice spending an evening with my parents and then going out for dinner or eating great cooking at home and talking about the films we saw.

Christmas is approaching quickly and I want to get into the season this year. It will be odd because my budget doesn't stretch far enough for an extravagent celebration, but I also feel like the past few years have been low-key. I have not had a tree in my apartment since the first year of living with Adam and I do miss it. Last year I didn't even put up my tree at my dad's. My mom always puts hers up and she did so this past weekend.

When Mom put up the tree, she ended up calling me and we both cried a little together. She found the ornaments for Taco and it just brought back many years of good memories and how much we both miss him. This is the first Christmas without him after 18 years. I have a picture by my computer of him and Chip under the tree, begging to open a present a bit early. Chip was only three months old at the time this picture was taken and looks completely different.

Can We Open this One Please

This week at work might be busy. I have no clue. I'm sure there are things I should be doing and haven't thought up any plan. I should run to the store tomorrow night to spend our team's budget before we lose it. Maybe that will be my lunch break tomorrow. Tuesdays are the day my boss has a supervisor meeting and so I need to be early to work again. I also have a meeting right after that one with new bankers (the ones still in training). It is a part of the "get to know you" sessions our retention committee came up with. I do like these sessions (most of the time) because it does help form a bond.

iTunes is in a odd mood tonight. I sometimes think of the program as a person. I don't know why. The shuffle has come up with these songs as I wrote this post:

Beautiful Day - U2
Happiness and Misery - Jonny Lang
Crazy - BNL
One Sweet Day - Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men (which I didn't know I had and it reminded me of high school)
Break Your Heart - BNL
I Want to Be in Love - Melissa Etheridge
It Hurt So Bad - Susan Tedeschi
Piece of My Heart - Melissa Etheridge (cover of Janis Joplin)
Show Me - Bree Sharp
Faith - George Michael
Bad - Cowboy Mouth
People Asking Why - Seal
Little Green Bag - Tom Jones & BNL
No Woman No Cry - Bob Marley
Uh Oh - Cowboy Mouth
We've Got Tonight - Bob Seger
Weapon of Choice - Fatboy Slim (this one is a video with Christopher Walken)

Have you seen this video? If you haven't, I highly recommend finding it. It is fantastic. The music itself is take it or leave it, but the video is Christopher Walken dancing around this building all by himself. It is amazing.

On that note, I think I'm going to end this random post. Hope all is well in the blogosphere. I will probably turn in a bit early and hopefully this headache will go away before my alarm interrupts yet another great dream.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Fun with Photos

In efforts to get some more pictures of our trip to see Johnny developed, I went through the pictures of one of our days and fixed up the pictures. I was having some fun with Adobe Photoshop Elements and I enhanced a few pictures. I'm going to share them here.

7Walk into Evora
This is a statue that we saw during our walk from the train station into Evòra.

Flowers from the garden

green temple
The Temple of Diana

mosiac tiles of leaves
Mosiac tiles enhancement for leaves on a statue

purple overlook
From the overlook

sepia overlook
Overlook again

sketch of sculpture
Sketch of a Sculpture

temple 2
Temple again

temple 4

temple chalk
Chalk enhancement of Temple

temple details chalk
Chalk enhancement again

yellow temple

Beth 2
I'm not developing this picture of me, but I was interested in the filter

Another odd filter of my picture

Friday, November 25, 2005

About What I Expected

Last year's Thanksgiving dinner was an exercise in keeping my mouth shut and this year was not much different.

My grandma did not make the fruit salad this year. She made Jell-O with marshmallows on top of it. It was black cherry Jell-O. This has to be some Midwestern thing. I know of no other culture that makes Jell-O with marshmallows on it. The food was not good. Even though I find it rude, disgusting and shocking, Aaron's idea of putting ketchup on the turkey might have made it somewhat moist.

Oh, that's right. My cousins all showed up. I was thinking only Diane (my aunt) would be there, but Traci, Alex, Sam, and Aaron were all there. Another year older and not another year wiser.

My grandma is still mean and old, but she was not as vocal this year. I think she's afraid I'll never show up again if she pushes too hard. She did tell me that I could have the picture of my mom and dad that hangs on her wall. She said, "I'm rearranging the pictures and if you don't have one of your parents, you can have that one." She said it as if she was doing me a favor by providing a picture of my parents, but I'm sure she just wants to remove the picture of my mom from her wall. Sorry to tell you woman, but I'm not stupid and I know your intentions. You've never liked my mom and you loved the fact that you could blame her for my parents' divorce (when in fact there were problems on both sides). Your children are no saints, let me tell you. Oops, sorry everyone, that was a bit of a rant I'd love to start with her but don't out of respect for my father and the fact I do love him and my grandma (even though I don't have to like her).

Grandma's mean comments were directed at Aaron only this year (at least the obvious mean ones).

My grandfather is a nice person, but he is a bit weak. He's lived with my grandmother for 60 years and he is smart, but she definitely outwits him. I say this to explain a bit about what happened with Aaron later in the afternoon. I'm getting ahead of myself.

During dinner (dry turkey, lumpy mashed potatoes, weird Jell-O, lumpy gravy, and burnt dinner rolls), Alex, Sam, and Aaron started telling jokes that made fun of Chinese names. Sam managed to tell one that not only offended Chinese people but would be offensive to mentally handicapped people. I'm going to love the day they all have to deal with diversity in the world. Traci encourages this talk by laughing and I just want to scream at them. I did make a comment about it being disrespectful and that they're going to have to wake up to reality one of these days.

Aaron kept talking about football. I decided not to watch the football game because the only Thanksgiving game I cared about was the Wheezers vs. the Geezers game in Texas. I pulled out my iPod and listened to a few songs as the rest of the family sat silently watching the television. My grandpa ended up showing us a company's annual report that he's on the cover because he had some surgery for an enlarged prostate. I was not told about this problem ever.

During the dinner, someone brought up the fact that Becky, Stan, Matt, and Matt's sons, Riley and Tyler, were not able to make it. Chris couldn't come either. But the reason that Matt and his sons couldn't be there was said as, "He's only able to have the boys for half of the day." This prompted Aaron to ask, "Why?" This is when the subject of Matt and Amanda's divorce was brought up. Aaron, Alex, and Sam were all shocked. They live in the same small town in Iowa as Matt does, but had no clue. I told them, "Even I knew that one." I found it as proof that the silence is not just directed towards me.

Aaron was fascinated by my iPod. He wanted one. He's a spoiled brat, just like his mother is. Even Traci's co-workers yell in the background to Diane to not do EVERYTHING for her in her life. I told Aaron, "You have a job. Save your money and buy one." He didn't like this answer. He turns to his mom and says, "I want an iPod."

Traci says, "Okay. I want you to go to school. I want you to clean up after yourself. I want you to help out at home. I want..." She rattles off about ten things.

Aaron's response, "I only want one thing. You can only ask for one thing."

I reply, "How about this? Be responsible."

My dad says, "Or this? Grow up."

Aaron starts this conversation about how life will just open the doors of happiness to him when he turns 18 and the world will be a piece of pie. Traci and Diane start telling him how easy it is for him now and it's hard work when you become an adult. The problem with this is that they keep pushing responsibility back so that Aaron doesn't have to take any. My grandpa says to Aaron, "Of all my grandchildren, only one had it easy when she turned 18. It was always easy for her." He is looking at me.

My dad joins in at this point and says, "That's right. But she also worked hard to make it easy. She was responsible before turning 18."

Aaron seems to be jealous of the job I have. I love my job and I do talk about how much fun it is. He thinks that he can just walk into a job that has no responsibility. Everyone explained to him that a job like this comes from years of hard work and performing well.

This year was not as bad as last year, but it wasn't overly enjoyable. I did enjoy Diane's company a bit, even if I disagree with how easy she is on Traci, Aaron, and the girls. They are in for a rude awakening and could have been better prepared for the real world. But they are not my children and I'll shut up about it. At least I only have to see them once or twice a year.

I remember when Aaron was little. He was a cute kid. He smiled and played and was very social. He made us all smile. He wasn't spoiled until Traci divorced his step-father. He's not a smart teenager, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have the ability. He just doesn't have any motivation to learn anything.

Sam is getting quieter and quieter at family functions. She came out of the back room to eat only. The rest of the time was spent in a chair watching some television show.

Alex is a bundle of energy misdirected. She was doing homework during the day and this was promising to see. Then she was demanding about dessert and eventually abandoned the room when she wasn't going to get the pie immediately. She and Aaron fight constantly and she tells him over and over how he'll never amount to anything. It's interesting to see a 12-year old this aware of the wrong path her brother is taking. She might grow up to be a good person, if she can open her eyes to the world soon enough.

Oh, and on a bit of a funny note. I'm not sure what my grandparents think of my life. They asked about my apartment and I thought this was a bit of an odd question. I said, "Well, it is where I live." My grandma asked about Dana (whom she met when we went to Portugal) and said, "Oh, if I had thought about it, you could have invited her over for dinner." This was a nice attempt of my grandma to be nice and I do appreciate it, even if I think she has the wrong idea. I'm not entirely sure, but I think because I'm single and went on vacation with Dana, my grandparents may think I'm gay. This is not true, but a bit funny to have them think. The fact I lived with Adam for so long probably enforces this belief. But then my grandpa asks about the pictures from Portugal and wants to know where all the pictures of Portuguese men are. Quite odd.

My grandmother is a stubborn woman and has never been a nice woman. She has not had a hard life and I'm not sure why she is so cold towards people, but I have to accept this fact. She also has learned that I won't put up with insults. She is making an effort to be nicer towards me because she knows I'll back off from the family if I don't feel it is a positive environment.

I'll leave you with a few pictures of my family from the day. I didn't get any pictures of Sam or Alex, but the rest are identified below the image.


Grandfather - Don't ask why he doesn't smile. I don't know. Maybe it is from 60 years of eating Grandmother's cooking.

Diane and Traci
Diane and Traci

My Dad


Karaoke Update

I'm going to let DM tell the stories of the last few days of karaoke. I'm sure her account of the New Song Sunday (including all of the New Kids on the Block songs in the book) is a bit different than mine, but I do want to leave you all with some pictures. These have been taken during the different nights of karaoke during the past week. Enjoy!

The first set are from Thursday night (after Thanksgiving dinners):

All of these pictures are of Reverend James and/or Marian. Marian bought some earrings and James put them on.

Rev James and Marian

Pirate James

Pirate James 2

This next set of pictures are from Wednesday night karaoke. We have a bit of a tradition at work to head to Wild Tymes the night before Thanksgiving. It is one time of the year when people I work with are more frequent at karaoke.

Luke - I've known this character for over 5 years

Dean - always fun to see! (Not a co-worker but a friend from karaoke)

Deneen (no clue how to spell her name) - We've known her from Wild Tymes for years. She is a sweetheart and can she sing!

Dana singing

Craig, Luke and Carlene
Craig, Luke, and Carlene. Craig is another co-worker. Carlene is his wife. They are both fantastic singers.

These pictures are from Sunday when we did New Song Sunday. These nights are always a blast.

Amy and Angie
Amy & Angie-Ang

Me - I have to wear a different bra with this shirt next time

Bryan singing Step by Step
Bryan sang "Step by Step" by New Kids on the Block

Dana dance
Dana, getting into a non-New Kids' song

Dana groaning
Dana groaning over the New Kids' songs

Dana toss hair
Her hair is getting so long!

This is Jason, a semi-regular and pretty nice guy. He also got into the whole "New Song Sunday" and had us laughing!

Sarah singing

These pictures are from karaoke on Thursday, November 17th. There were these kids there celebrating a birthday and we just enjoyed them a whole lot. This night was also a blast.

Joey and Emily
Joey & Emily - the kids


James and Donny singing Cecelia
James and Donny singing Cecelia - it was Donny's first time singing

Donny singing Beth
Donny singing alone and picking the worst song EVER! (I am not a fan of the Kiss song, "Beth".)