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September 15, 1992 - August 13, 2008 In Loving Memory

This post is overdue. I wrote it a week ago, but then Blogger ate it. It was almost enough for me to give up on this blog completely. But I'm not giving up. Forgive me for the disjointed thoughts that I know will follow here. This was hard enough to write once. I don't know if I'll do any justice a second time around.

In the summer of 1992, our family purchased a new home. The house was perfect for us and my mom still lives there. The backyard was fenced on all sides and Taco, our 5-year old canine, loved the space to run and explore. We installed a doggie door for added freedom.

As winter approached, our family started considering Taco's life. Taco needed a little brother. Mom and I went to a local pet store on the 15th of December and arrived back home with a three month old puppy. This little one was a mix of terrier, cocker spaniel, and Pekinese. He was dark in color, with hints of blonde below. Taco loved the little one at once and held his fascination with the puppy for at least a week. After two weeks, the little one was old news, but they were still inseperable for years to come.

We named him Chip. Officially, his name was Chocolate Chip Brooks. Unofficially, he went by "Chip Brooks Ever," "Stomach on Legs," and Taco's personal favorite, "Annoying Goofball."


One of Chip's favorite games when he was little was to be pulled across the carpet by Taco. They would each take hold of one end of a sock and Taco, the larger dog for a short period of time, would pull Chip around. Chip loved the feel of the carpet scratching his body. We think Taco always wanted Chip to pull back, but Chip just enjoyed being dragged.

Taco and ChipTaco and Chip

As time went by, Chip shed the majority of his dark coat. When he aged, he lightened. Eventually, Mom referred to him as her "blonde boy." He shed oddly at first, getting a lion look that the groomer (a woman who cut his toenails) said others paid to have for their pets. He would loose the fur on his legs and along his torso leaving a mohawk pattern and a big bushy mane around his shoulders and head.

He had gorgeous eyes. His eyelashes were long and naturally curly. Black lines surrounded his expressive gaze in a natural eyeliner that many would die for.


Chip was rarely away from Taco. He idolized his big brother. Many of the pictures we have from the days when both gave our family so much joy include both of the lovely boys.

Taco and Chip

I want to write about when Chip fell in the river. I want to write about when our boys were robbed in a Halloween costume contest. I'd like to tell you about how Chip could count and how he could make a bed. I would tell you of his happy nature and how he always wanted those around him to smile. I could tell you how Chip was the goodest one ever. He really was.

I want to tell you all about him. I do. And I wrote it beofore. I can't tonight.

All I can say tonight is that I loved him and still do. I always will. I was able to spend time with him his last weekend. I was there the night before... I held him and told him how much I loved him, thanked him for the joy he brought to my life, and said goodbye.

I apologize for the quality of some of these pictures. Most are pictures of pictures, taken years before digital cameras touched our family's world.

If you've read this far, I'll leave you with a few more pictures. These are some of my favorites of Chip. If you feel like leaving a comment, I thank you. Please do me one favor though. Please do not mention anything with religious connotations. I would appreciate the ommission of that beyond all else. Thank you.

In Loving Memory for Chip, the one who left our family at 10 am on August 13, 2008

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