Friday, March 31, 2006

Sunday: Opera, Steak, & Karaoke; My Week

On Sunday, it was the Sheepsheadians 4th Annual Day at the Opera. DM, Keem, and I went to see Princess Ida, a Gilbert and Sullivan Very Light Opera (find the group's website here). We met at 2 and enjoyed the show greatly. The first set of pictures here are just the view from the theater (church) of downtown Minneapolis and of the stage during intermission.

View of DowntownView of Downtown (2)Princess Ida banner

After the show, we went to Manny's for the second year. The food is excellent and we had a great time.

The three of us after the meal.
Beth, Keem and Dana

Keem & her steak (left) DM and her steak (right)

Nose! Nose!

Keem's SteakPrime RibDana's SteakCoca-Cola (1)
Wonderful, wonderful food. Yum. I'm getting hungry.

This was our waiter and busboy. The service was quite good this time.
Wait Staff

Idaho Loves Us
PotatoesPotatoes (2)Potatoes (3)

Me - I tend to scare DM and Keem with how much I LOVE prime rib. To me, there is nothing better tasting on this planet.
Beth (1)Beth (3)Beth (4)Beth (5)

DM and I went to karaoke after Manny's. We could barely move, but still had a great time with our friends. These are just a couple of pictures from the night. (Dan & DM)
Dan Lange Dana (2)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Word of the Day

This made me smile. has a blog where there is a word of the day. I subscribe to it through bloglines. The word for Tuesday, March 28 was:

superfluous - more than is wanted or is sufficient

And right now, as DM is reading this, she is laughing (hopefully).

This all spawns from Sunday's conversation:

DM: something that I can't remember the context is SUPER flu us. (Written as said.)
B: Do you mean soo-PER-floo-us?

I love that DM knows the word from text. That is fun.

Monday, March 20, 2006

What Ever Happened to Just Slightly Crazy?

Sunday. Karaoke night. And the comment I made to Bryan while getting up to sing a song, "Normal. Insane. Why are there no nights in between?" This past Sunday was not one of the normal nights.

DM and I arrived, a bit later than normal, and found that the Chalet was a bit busier than normal. Many of Angie's friends and family members were there. Unfortunately, Angie's grandmother passed away on Saturday evening. The family was there, supporting each other, and many of them were drinking away part of their sorrow.

The first song they decided to sing was, "Cecilia," which bears the same name as Angie's grandmother. While I love this song and thought it was a nice tribute, I made DM promise me. I'm not saying that I will die or anything like that, but if something were to happen to me, I ask that NO ONE ever decides to sing, "Beth," by Kiss as a tribute. Please. I'm begging you. I'll haunt you if you do.

Somehow, the evening turned into, "Sex Song Sunday," which occasionally happens. Angie sang, "I Touch Myself," DM gave a great performance of "Strokin'," and I sang, "You Can Leave Your Hat On." Sara enjoys, "You Can Leave Your Hat On," and Bryan will sometimes give me his hat to wear as I sing the song. Sara got up on a chair, "Stand on that chair, raise your arms in the air, now shake 'em," and danced for everyone.

Once I was back at the table, I said to DM, "Where's Craig?" Speak of the devil and he will appear (although if Craig is a devil, he's a good looking one). We both laughed as he strode in the door and then he inquired about our laughter. We explained and he joined us for a bit. Dan Lange also showed up and joined our little group. And all was well.

Amy, Becky, Andrew, Ki, and even Big Wayne were there on Sunday. There were also a few other "regulars" that are not quite welcomed with open arms with the regular crowd we call our friends. One of these such characters is one we can refer to as "Drunken Honey Girl." She has recently been making appearances, never singing, and drinking massive quantities of alcohol. Our first experience was with her a few weeks ago. While I was ordering chicken fingers, she called out across the bar, telling me how her work makes a honey mustard dressing. She told me how it has little honey, little mustard, but a "whole lotta sugar."

This past Sunday, she was making her rounds and one of these equated to her saying hello to her man by striking a sultry pose and saying, "Aaaah." Then she performed a bit of a lap dance for this man. She's classy.

Craig and Sara went to play a few games of video bowling and that's when the night got even stranger. With all the crazy, drunk activities going on around us, we were not expecting more unwelcomed individuals. That's when Pete, the boy, and another friend of theirs entered the bar. Without invitation, the boy came over and sat by me, not obtaining happy looks from DM, Angie, or I.

As much as we completely avoided talking to Pete, we were unable to avoid the talk from the boy and his other friend. I can say, with honesty, that I am rather annoyed by his presence. See, I've come a long way.

A year and a half ago, the question he posed, "How's the banking?" would have made me think, "Oh, he remembers I work for a bank." Now it made me think, "Well, I haven't been overdrawn in awhile, how 'bout you?" I gave short answers and made little eye contact. That's when his friend, L, started talking to Becky, DM, and I. He found out that DM and I both work for NABABNA*. Apparantly, he works there too. This I seriously doubt.

Not that he didn't quite understand what he was talking about, but many of this statements were not completely accurate. I believe he was trying to impress us, but pretending to be an expert to those who actually know a bit about the company that provides their paychecks does not impress. I can't give too much of the details of the conversation away and keep the company secret, so I won't go into much detail. Basically, he said he works for a department that doesn't exist, doesn't understand that the company has divisions, and does not understand the concept of call centers.

Luckily, our lack of interest in these men eventually paid off and they wandered away. Yippie!

Before they wandered though, Craig was ready to go home. This may be where the evening got even more insane. He said goodbye, promising to listen to "Paradise by the Dashboard Light," for our little number one of these upcoming weeks.

A bit after Craig left, DM told me, as I was singing, "Someone stole Craig's truck!" And yes, someone did. Just insane.

So, we're hoping that the next week, it will be back to normal. But that's what has been going on at the Chalet as of late.

*Again, the fake name for the bank that DM and I work at.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

When all else fails, post pictures!

I don't really have the time (or energy I guess) to write a nice, meaningful post. So instead, I leave you with a few pictures from the week.

DM and I went to karaoke on Thursday. It was very slow (people waiting for St. Patrick's Day maybe?). Steve joined us with two of his roommates, Katie and the other Steve. Aaron was there too. We had a good time.

KatieKatie (2)This is Katie.
AaronThis is Aaron. He's the one who spawned the greatest night of karaoke ever.
Steve and BryanSteve and Bryan (1)Steve and Bryan.
Beth (1)Me.

It also snowed again here. This is what my parking lot looked like on Wednesday night.
Snow (1)SnowSnow (2)Snow (3)

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Can I Borrow a Baby?

At work today, one of the bankers brought in pictures of her daughter. She had taken her into a studio today and had a professional sitting and the pictures were darling! And it caused a crowd of females to gather, gushing, "Ooooh!" and "Cute!" and "So sweet!" I found myself caught up in it.

It is sick.

I don't actually want a baby. I just want to scrapbook pictures of cute babies.

The studio she went to was at the Mall of America and here's a link to their website: Sadies Children's Photography.

I hate, seriously hate, the Anne Gedies (or whatever that freaky woman's name is) pictures of babies. They creep me out.

But I found this and this and this utterly adorable. I think I'm going insane.

Seriously. I even found this funny. But funny in that cute, "Ahhhh" way. It is a sickness.

But then, this is just disturbing. But not in a cute way. No, in a "Why are we cooking babies?" kind of way.

If I ever have children, please, PLEASE, do not let me put them in large pots and pretend like they are cooking. Please. I'm begging you.

Monday, March 13, 2006

What a Weekend!

I'll let Dana tell the story of her birthday weekend. I'm going to post a few pictures to help her in the story telling (plus a few I've been meaning to post). I hope you enjoy!

I picked Dana up on Saturday. Some of these pictures are just of downtown St. Paul.
DanaDowntown St. PaulDowntown St. Paul (3)Downtown St. Paul (4)Downtown St. Paul (5)

On Saturday, we went to see Amy perform in a concert for a group called, "Harmonic Relief". It was a great show and DM and I enjoyed it with Steve, Angie, Becky, and Craig. It was a no-flash event so the pictures are a little fuzzy. Sorry!
AmyAmy (1)Amy (2)Amy and AngieThat's AmoreDana
The men sang "That's Amore" and during intermission Dana was covered in a coat.
Dana (1)

We then went to the Chalet for karaoke. Angie was working that night.
Becky and Andrew (1)Bohemian Rhapsody
Becky & Andrew (left) Devon and Nicki (right)
CraigDonnie dances to KissDonnie dances to Kiss (1)Donnie dances to Kiss (2)
Donnie works at the Chalet and he will occasionally since Prince's "Kiss" and dance!
Nicki and DevonTC
Nicki and Devon again (left) and Timmy Tom Colins, Bobby's dad singing "Build Me Up Buttercup" (right)
Becky and DanaDana and Angie sing Meatloaf
Becky and Dana (left) and Dana and Angie sing a Meatloaf song (right)Dana and flashy objectDana and flashy object (3)
Dana and a bright, flashy object
Dana lick CraigDana singing Strokin' (4)
Amy hit Craig in the head (harder than she planned) and Dana licked the wound. Dana also sang "Strokin'" again
Dana sings Take on Me (1)Beth singing (1)
She also sang, "Take on Me" I sang something (maybe "I Touch Myself" - I don't remember which song it was for this picture)

After karaoke, Dana and I went to my apartment. She got presents!
Dana Birthday presents (2)

Sunday was another Chalet night. It was also Becky's birthday this weekend and birthday hilarity ensued. There were many drunks at the bar on Sunday and although Dana was drinking, she was not one of them.
Andrew and BeckyBirthday Cake (2)Birthday Cake (10)Craig and Marissa
Top Left: Andrew and Becky Top Right: Cake
Bottom Left: Cake Bottom Right: Craig and Marissa
Craig and Marissa (1)Damien and PattyDan Lange and Bryan (1)Rev James and Joe Funko
Top Right: A very drunk man
Bottom Left: Dan Lange and Bryan Bottom Right: Rev James and Bryan
Rev James and BryanAngie and SteveAngie singing (1)Cake! (1)
More Bryan and Rev James, also pictures of Angie and Steve. The cake was a hit! Thanks to Amy for bringing it!
Cake! (3)Cake! (4)Birthday Cake (5)Birthday Cake (14)Batman decal! (1)Birthday girls
Dana got a Batman decal from Craig. She also did a birthday shot with Becky (I think Craig bought it.)
Blow out the candlesBlow out the candles (1)
Blow out the candles!
Dana and Dan LangeDana and a ShotDana and balloons
Dana and Dan Lange (he bought her a drink), Dana and another shot, Dana a balloons!
Dana gets a shot from Ke and BennyDana singing Strokin' (1)
Ke bought Dana two shots. She also sang, "Strokin'" again. It is now a regular for her.
Dana singing Strokin' (2)Dana sings I Love the Rainy ... (1)
Dana gets card from JamesJames buys Dana a shotDouble Shot
James and Liz showed up a little earlier than normal. James got Dana a great card and bought her a few shots (one single, one double). She'll probably tell most of the story.

On Monday, I dropped DM off:

Snow is inevitable in Minnesota. These are some recent pictures of the weather:

At my Dad's house:
Snow at Dad's (3)Snow at Dad's (2)
Our most recent snowfall:
SnowSt. Paul in snow (10)St. Paul in snow (2)St. Paul in snow (3)St. Paul in snow (7)St. Paul in snow (8)St. Paul in snow (9)

Here are also some old karaoke pictures:
March 6, 2006:

Angie and JamesDana
Angie and James sang, "Islands in the Stream," and Dana poses for her weekly picture.

March 4, 2006 (at Wild Tymes):
AngieDean, Sarah and Char (5)Dean, Sarah and Char (4)
On Fridays, we sometimes visit Angie at Wild Tymes. This is the "Derrick" week. Char and Sarah got down with Dean while Angie sang, "Last Dance."