Saturday, March 18, 2006

Can I Borrow a Baby?

At work today, one of the bankers brought in pictures of her daughter. She had taken her into a studio today and had a professional sitting and the pictures were darling! And it caused a crowd of females to gather, gushing, "Ooooh!" and "Cute!" and "So sweet!" I found myself caught up in it.

It is sick.

I don't actually want a baby. I just want to scrapbook pictures of cute babies.

The studio she went to was at the Mall of America and here's a link to their website: Sadies Children's Photography.

I hate, seriously hate, the Anne Gedies (or whatever that freaky woman's name is) pictures of babies. They creep me out.

But I found this and this and this utterly adorable. I think I'm going insane.

Seriously. I even found this funny. But funny in that cute, "Ahhhh" way. It is a sickness.

But then, this is just disturbing. But not in a cute way. No, in a "Why are we cooking babies?" kind of way.

If I ever have children, please, PLEASE, do not let me put them in large pots and pretend like they are cooking. Please. I'm begging you.