Saturday, March 11, 2006

"I am great. I just don't remember it."

Happy Birthday Dana!

Another year, another thousand happy memories. I do not see your birthday as a passing of the year, but as a celebration of the fact you are alive. I feel honored to know you and I know that each and every time we hang out that I'll have a blast.

When you left our call center for another job in the company, I was saddened to think that I wouldn't see you at work anymore. But we found ways to hang out and I think we have a better time now. Friends have come and gone and some remain true. You are one who will always remain true.

I look forward to the adventures yet to come. Even this weekend, a celebration of you, is going to be filled with fun times and happy memories.

And now for the montage clip post all about, you guessed it, YOU and our adventures of the last year!

Since you're last birthday, we've had many adventures. Things have changed and people come and go and still you are a constant in my life. I can't think of a better best friend.
Who else would find humor in my attempt to live dangerously?

Who else would have been there for various karaoke adventures? Like stolen tires, a "murder", a crack addict, and a police raid (which I can't find the link for)?

Who else could understand how cool it is to be included with the "In Crowd" at karaoke?

Who else would have been the perfect traveling companion for the trip of a lifetime? (And even more from the trip where we met the fabulous Johnny.)

Who else could have written such a wonderful poem to mock someone else?

Who else could help me analyze the idiocy of a pig email?

Who else would have had the same great time I did while traveling to Tomah to meet Magnificent Mark?

Who else would go to a documentary with me just because I love penguins (and she might have enjoyed the fact that she could see a certain someone there)?

Who else can enjoy completely random, taken out of context conversations?

Who else would have become as addicted to Lost as I am?

You are lovely chica-che. I adore you. I am lucky to have you as a friend.

And now for some song lyrics:

A Friend to Me
Garth Brooks

Well you and I
We're buddies
And we've been since we first met
Me and you
Well we've sure been through
Our share of laughter and regret
Lord knows we've had our bad days
And more than once we've disagreed
But you've always been a friend to me

You can be so stubborn
There's times I think you just like to fight
And I hope and pray
I live to see the day
When you say I might be right
And there's times I'd rather kill you
Than listen to your honesty
But you've always been a friend to me

You've always been
Time and again
The one to take my hand
And show to me it's okay to be
Just the way I am
With no apology

Oh you've always been
And you will 'til God knows when
Yes you've always been a friend to me