Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Karaoke, Work, Scrapbooking, Bugs, and an update about the text messaging guy...

It feels like ages since I've posted anything of relevance. Oh wait, it has been. First of all, an apology for being M.I.A. on the blogging scene. I'm trying to catch up and now that school has started again, I'll probably posting more than I ever needed to. Something about looming textbooks makes me want to blog and clean. Blogging is the fun distraction.

This post is going to be filled with tons of random junk. There has been a ton of things that I meant to post about recently and just never got around to it.

Labor Day Karaoke

Sunday was fun and odd. DM and I went to karaoke at the Chalet as usual and had a good time, even if we found a few things disturbing. For example, the guy who decided to join our table that we didn't know and sat there practicing high notes while everyone else was singing. Yes, he just sat there going, "Ahhhhhhhh" at a pitch at would make my dogs twinge.

We made friends with a group of girls nicknamed, "Super Classy Whores". Bryan started it somehow. I don't know the back story. They are a fun group of people.

Before the singing started, a woman approached our table whom we have never seen before. Bryan did not know who she was. The fact that she was in no way an employee of the entertainment company that Bryan works for made this conversation quite strange:
W: Are you going to sing?
DM: Yes, of course!
W: What are you going to sing?
B: We don't know quite yet.
W: You use this book.
B: Yes, we know that.

The thugs from last week were there again. These are kids (seriously, they have to be barely 21. Bobby said they are legal but they sure don't look it) who like to get into fights and show off their manliness. It's annoying. Well, this woman who seems to be our friend (even though we barely know her and don't really talk to her and she calls me Buffy) was taking pictures of her other friend singing. A random thug walked up and exclaimed, "You're gonna 'member this night on that camera!" King of the Obvious. Yep, that's who he is.

After karaoke, we joined a huge group of people at Bryan and Liz's place. We sat around the fire and joined different conversations. It was James's birthday and he was quite drunk. Unfortunately, the birthday boy missed the birthday party because he was driven home to sleep off the effects of the alcohol he consumed. We did enjoy the company of Bryan, Liz, Dean, Barry, Benny, and some others that we see occasionally at the bar.

Oh, James was quite drunk and sang. Then he took his pants off at the bar again. This is not unusual.

The best part of karaoke? The fact that Char was there! She surprised both DM and I by showing up. There was a wedding in Wisconsin and she was a bridesmaid and ended up being able to swing into the bar for a couple of hours. Bryan did a double take when he got there. We certainly enjoyed seeing her.

Work Front

Work has been good lately. I lost another employee and I'm still upset by it. It just pissed me off. That happened on Friday. My team had a great week last week and our quarter-to-date numbers had a significant jump. I'm pleased with how hard the bankers are working and what a great job Steve is doing. I managed to be late for work today, the fourth time in eight years. On Saturday there was a thunderstorm that managed to kick out the power in my building. I woke up with 15 minutes to get to work on Saturday. The problem today was the fact that when I reset my clock, I forgot to reset the alarm. Oops. I woke up at 6:20 PM today. Dammit.


DM and I did work on our albums this weekend. She is so close to finishing her Vegas album and I hope that she can soon. I have three albums from our trip to Portugal done. I'm working on the album(s) for our days at the ocean. The pictures turned out so great and it is hard to give any up. But I did not develop them all. Scrapbooking has taken over my dining room and living room right now. Yikes!


I used to hang out at a local pool hall. It is not the one that I've been visiting lately after work with Char, Steve, and Andy. I've avoided writing about the fact that a friend of mine from the old place called me and I went in with DM recently. It was very odd for me. Walking in felt comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time. It was a my hang out and I still have mixed emotions about being there. It was nice to see my two good friends again but I struggle with the fact I was such a fixture in the place for a long time. As developments rise amongst that front, I will post them.

Text it Up

About a week ago (or over a week ago to be more accurate) I wrote a post about the fact a guy from the past text messaged me and we chatted on the phone. Johnny was asking for a report on this front.

The next day I did call him and left a message. We text messaged a little on Sunday. I realized the first night of texting that I am not actually interested in him. Yes, I find him attractive. Yes, I miss his friendship. No, I don't want to date him. I thought about it quite a bit that first night. Then I realized that I had too many reasons not to date him that it wasn't worth it. I'm not saying that there are not things that one can overcome in a relationship, but if my first instinct is to say no, then there is no reason to lead either one of us on. I wouldn't mind a friendship again, he was a great friend at work and he was always a good shoulder when I had problems with my former roommate. But romantically I have no attachment. He's attractive but it is not enough. He doesn't make my stomach flip-flop.

Yes Johnny, he is the guy that I sent you pictures of.

Right now, that is my life. I have five weeks of economics starting and it is not fun. Here's to the Coca-Cola that will keep me going through this. I'm trying to catch up on reading other blogs. I hope to read more later tonight after I finish a bit of homework.