Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Slow descent into madness...

School has started again. It is time for me to hit the electronic books and study, study, study. Joy.

The class I'm taking is economics. I think it is punishment for choices I made in a previous life. Actually, I've taken economics before, both micro and macro. Unfortunately, those credits did not transfer to this school so I am again slaving over the concepts of supply v. demand and opportunity costs.

Amazingly enough, the writer of the textbook has an interesting sense of humor. I'm not sure how the rest of the class will take the writing. My experience has been that most of the other students are married individuals returning to school after 20 years in the workforce. That in mind makes the fact the writer keeps using college dating as an example kind of cracks me up. The added bonus is the fact that we attend class online, so we're obviously not cruising the campus looking for love.

Well, back to the book.