Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Nothing Out of the Ordinary

Every once in awhile I find myself thinking of this site as a way for me to document things I'll want to remember at a much later date. Life blogging. Yep, that's what I do.

Each week DM and I go to karaoke. That's been established many a time before. Sunday night was no exception. I always think there should be an update to the fun we had during the night and an outrageous story to accompany it (caught up in criminal investigations, tolerating drunks, or finding ourselves head over heels). This past Sunday does not have an outrageous story to go with it, but it was fun.

As I was dropping DM off at home, we were laughing so hard and trying to find appropriate titles to describe the things we found so humorous. Those titles included:
"My Crotch is Burning!"
Let's Hear it for Venerable Diseases!
I Want Your Sex

Inappropriate titles continued.

The night was filled with friends and laughter. Angie and Amy were there and we chatted about how much we all approve of Angie's new beau, Steve. Nate and Becky were there. We're always pleased to see Nate show up since he moved to Wisconsin a few months ago. Bryan was in top form, filled with sharp wit and managed to start the entire conversation about VDs.

The song choices became theme oriented and we each took turns singing such gems as, "Like a Virgin," "I Touch Myself," "You Can Leave Your Hat On," "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy," "I Want Your Sex," and "Physical."

Liz and James joined us as the night was ending and good conversation was had.

When the night was over, DM and I were hungry and took off to find an open McDonald's. Unfortunately, the McDonald's we found was not open. Luckily there was a Taco Bell down the street and they were still open.

We ate and joked around (the potatoes were really hot and burned through the bag, finding out that you can buy doughnuts 24 hours a day and through a drive-thru, pretending that we didn't understand the concept of rain). The night was just a lot of fun.

I just had a great feeling about the time we had on Sunday. In my life, I've always found places that I feel at home. The Chalet is one of those places. We've become regulars and it feels great.