Sunday, April 24, 2005


It is Sunday (or was, I guess the day has turned here). We are starting to have karaoke withdrawals, if we were back home we'd be going out in two hours. DM realized today that she was right, only Bobby can pour a good Diet Coke. That may have to do with the fact that Coke Light tastes like Pepsi, but I am partial to her theory. It's all Bobby's abilities.

We had an adventure today, as we have had each day we've been here. Today's agenda included going to the Oceanário, Europe's largest Aquarium and the second largest in the world.

To get to the Oceanário, DM and I needed to take two different subway lines and then try to determine exactly where the Oceanário was located. The subway was not a problem. Figuring out where the Oceanário was located was a problem. We kind of went the wrong way. But we eventually figured it out after many breaks to stop and rest.

We purchased our tickets (mine had a penguin on the back!!!) and entered the exhibit. There are species from four oceans and then an enclosure that houses a tank designated as "One Ocean".

Again, we took a ton of pictures and I'll be posting them all when I get home. I figure an additional website may be good for holiday photos. I'll link to it.

The entire exhibit was fascinating, but of course my favorite part was the penguins! They are soooooooo adorable! I was able to see them without a piece of glass blocking the view. It was a great moment for me.

On the way back, DM and I stopped at Pizza Hut (yes, we're bloody Anglos, what did you expect?) and split some garlic bread with pepperoni on it, a bacon lover's pan pizza, and then for dessert we had Profiteroles. They are cream puffs! And they came with pretty good vanilla bean ice cream and hot fudge on top. I'm not a huge chocolate fan, but they were pretty decent.

Heading back to the metro, hoping that the drugged out man would not make another appearance, we stopped at a couple of little shops in the mall. DM was able to find a great gift for Jeff, her roommate. We both also bought some cool items (to go with all the stuff we bought at the Oceanário gift shop). I got three necklaces and an "egg". It is a rock, shaped like an egg, but it is decorated and painted. It is a fun, little knick-knack to put up on a shelf at home. I have too many of these type of things already, but I do have a lot of shelves and a lot of bookcases, so it is all good.

We did make it back to Johnny's flat without any incidents, feeling a bit proud of ourselves for not getting lost on the way home. I was able to purchase our return subway tickets from the machine, without the help of English options! I'm proud of myself!

More adventures to come!