Wednesday, April 06, 2005

"My eyelids said 4:30, but the radio clock said 6"

The title comes from a Cowboy Mouth song. I've been feeling that every day when I've been waking up recently. I have ideas why I'm having such a hard time getting up, but this is ridiculous.

I have been going to bed earlier than normal. It's not a lack of sleep.

I've cut down the amount of caffeine I've been drinking during the day. I don't think I'm going through withdrawals at night.

The only thing I can really determine to be the source of the problem is the amount of pool I've been playing. I don't know if the bending and shooting is causing a problem for me. When I get up, my back aches, my shoulders hurt, and my legs are stiff. It doesn't last long (about an hour while I'm getting ready), but it's getting harder and harder to get up.

I don't think it's stress making me sleep so poorly. There's a couple of things going on in my life, but nothing that should interfere with my sleep this much.

It could also be the fact my favorite boots broke and I've been trying to find a new pair of footwear that doesn't kill my feet.

Whatever it is causing me to sleep so badly, I'd like to figure it out and make a change. I hate feeling like this in the morning (afternoon the rest of the daywalkers).