Saturday, April 23, 2005

Beth + Kitchen + Oven = Bad Cake

Remember how I don't cook? There's many reasons for this.

#1 - My mother is a fabulous cook. I could never create the amazing dishes that she does.

#2 - My grandma is an even better cook! My mom learned from her and has acquired recipes over the years.

#3 - I'm just too lazy and I live alone. Living alone makes it hard for me to cook gigantic meals, because I feel like most of the food will go to waste. So I don't shop or cook.

The other day, we stopped at the grocery store and DM found quick, simple, fool-proof cake mixes. They are simple, just cut and pour. The hardest part of making the cake is the buttering of the pan.

Sounds like something Beth could do, right? You underestimate the power of Beth's cooking inability.

I got the cake ready and Johnny heated up the oven for me. Then the pan was placed inside and I checked the clock. It was 35 after and the cake was supposed to cook for 40 minutes. Alright, I'd check at five after, just to be sure.

At five to, Johnny said, "Does something smell like burning?" It couldn't be. We went into the kitchen to see the room filled with smoke. Opening the oven door revealed a blackened lemon cake. Now, I've heard of blackened pepper chicken breasts, but blackened yellow cake is not my first choice of a dessert.

We tried it again, it is actually cooking now, but I did realize what the problem had been. The clock that I used to check the time? Yeah, it doesn't work. Oops! This time, I'm watching the clock on the computer.

Foreigners and Johnny's kitchen do not mix.