Sunday, April 10, 2005

iPod shuffle

It's time for another list of shuffle songs.

Adlib 2 - BNL Play Everywhere for Everyone (PEFE) (This is actually from the concert DM and I saw last year)
Journey to the Past - Anastasia soundtrack
Let My Love Open the Door - Pete Townsend (Grosse Pointe Blank Soundtrack)
The Diva Megamix - A bonus track from Pure Disco 2
Only the Good Die Young - Billy Joel (GH Vol. 1)
Gemini Dream - The Moody Blues (Gold Disc 2)
The End - The Doors (GH V. 2)
One Week - BNL PEFE
Barbie Girl - Aqua
My Stupid Mouth - John Mayer
You Spin Me 'Round (Like a Record) - Dead or Alive
I Wanna Sex You Up - Color Me Badd
The Bad Touch - The Bloodhound Gang
Go Home - BNL - Maroon
Bicycle Race - Queen (GH V. 1)
Vox - Sarah McLachlan (Rarities, B-Sides & Other Stuff album)
It's My Life - No Doubt
Strangers in a Car - Marc Cohn
Silver Thunderbird - Marc Cohn
Callin' Baton Rouge - Garth Brooks (Double Live disc 1)
Lullaby-Isabella - Medium, Mechanical Bride (Bryan's CD!)
Pinch Me - BNL PEFE
Gallileo (Live) - Indigo Girls
Bad Girls - Donna Summer
Rattled - Traveling Wilburys
Say it With Love - The Moody Blues
Leaving to Stay - Jonny Lang
War Pigs - Ozzy
It's So Easy - Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story cast recording
Get Down on it - Kool & The Gang
McDonald's Girl - BNL (Cover)
Crazy Love, Vol. II - Paul Simon
War on Drugs - BNL PEFE
Drops of Jupiter - Train
Mr. Roboto - Styx
Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin
Moon Sammy - Soul Coughing
Don't Stand Too Close to Me - Sting (...all this time album)
Maybe Katie - BNL PEFE
Fashion - Medium, Mechanical Bride
The Late September Dogs - Melissa Etheridge
On the Street Where You Live - Harry Connick Jr.
Wild Thing - The Troggs (70 Ounces of Rock & Gold)
Running on Faith - Eric Clapton
Here Comes Horses - Tabitha's Secret
All I Need (Live) - Matchbox Twenty EP
The River of Dreams - Billy Joel (GH V. 3)
Goodbye Letter - Jonny Lang
The House that Jack Built - Aretha Franklin - 30 GH
Cell Block Tango - Queen Latifah & Lil Kim - Chicago soundtrack
Amazing - Madonna - Music
Spider in My Room - BNL - Born on a Pirate Ship
Underneath Your Clothes (Acoustic) - Shakira
Knockin' on Heaven's Door - Eric Clapton
I Can See Clearly - Johnny Nash (Grosse Pointe Blank Soundtrack)
What Do You Do For Money Honey - AC/DC - Back in Black
When There's No One Around - Garth Brooks
Only One of Us - Cowboy Mouth - Mercyland
Somebody Love - Queen (GH V. 1)
Santeria - Sublime
Changes - David Bowie (Best of Bowie)
Hello, I Love You - The Doors
Hand Me Down - Matchbox Twenty
Senseless - Cowboy Mouth - Uh-Oh
You Outta Know - Alanis Morrisette
I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That - Elton John (GH V. 2)
Long Time Coming - Jonny Lang
Fool's Gold - Bree Sharp
Nights in White Satin - The Moody Blues

I'm noticing that BNL shows up a lot. That might be because I have over a day's worth of total play for them. I am a little bit addicted.