Friday, April 08, 2005

Object of Affection? or Objection to Affection?

Playing pool has recently topped the list as a common activity for me. This is nothing new, I used to spend every single night inside of Bugs, laughing and joking and listening to music.

Since I have a friend who works the same shift as I do again, I've been going out more after work. Char and I have been going to a pool hall called RC's (changed for the purpose of non-search engines) more nights than not after work. Playing pool appeals to me, it brings back some memories of Bugs and it also is something I enjoyed as a child. My mom spent many years working a second job at the bars in Waterloo and I would go hang out and play pool with her and my dad and her friends. It's a good hobby to have when you live in the tundra and outdoor activities are not as comfortable to human skin.

Char has a theory. The second night we went to play pool, the guy behind the counter said, "Oh, back again huh?" I thought nothing of it. I paid with my debit card and so he learned my name. This is no big deal, right? Char doesn't think so.

Then I went to play one night with Char and my boss, Andy. (My boss is really cool. He's silly and fun to hang out with.) I had to fill my car up with gas, so I was a bit behind them. I guess when they walked in and got the rack of balls, the guy kind of grunted at them. I hadn't witnessed this and when I got there, I walked up to get a soda (which of course he memorized what I drink (which isn't hard) and had it ready by the time I got to the counter) and he had this big smile on his face and said, "Oh, you're back!" I thought he was just being personable.

Well, Char and I have been getting a lot of free pool when he works. He has waived off the entire table time when drunks were there (that we didn't even notice) and he's shut off the clock early. He also stays open later than he should. Sometimes he will walk over and clean the tables near ours a little more than the other tables and joke around with us.

Yesterday I dressed up for work and wore a button up jacket that hid the shirt underneath. After work, I was able to wear this T-shirt I bought in Vegas last year that might be a bit flashy and might enhance a part of my anatomy. It was just a lightweight shirt to wear under the jacket and not for anyone's benefit. Then we got hungry and went to eat after work and of course ended up at RC's.

The guy was working. He kept calling me by name and listened closely to figure out Tom's name. He kept a little distance, until he saw Tom and Char showing affection to each other. Once he figured out that they were a couple, the table time was shut off.

He then suggested we play doubles. Skill levels being what they were, I was paired up with Char for the first race to five. We lost, but we put on a gallant fight. Then I was paired up with Tom and we did win. We also stayed at RC's past my bedtime (we left at 5:20 in the morning).

The guy kept bringing up the typical guy things to impress women. He mentioned working two jobs, that he loves his dog and cat, etc. When he had been cleaning, he removed his shirt and walked around in a "wife-beater" (which is not attractive by any means, but does allow people to view his arms). The move to remove his shirt was exaggerated and meant to draw attention. He does have nice arms, I can say that at least.

Char kept up the dirty jokes about playing pool (which, as a sport, probably has the most references to sex than any other sport I can think of). She kept talking about racks and balls and sticks. It was fun and we got to play a lot of pool.

But Char thinks this guy likes me. She may be right, but then I feel bad. He's a nice guy, but I'm not interested in him at all, other than to play a game or two of pool with him. He's a good player, it's that simple.

So that's part of what is going on in my life. I want to play pool and I may have to deal with this. But it's fun. I'll keep everyone posted.