Thursday, April 21, 2005

Sitting at an outside cafe in Portugal

"I don't mess around with things like that anymore!"

We are having a wonderful time, like I haven't said that already. The quote from above is DM last night while we were sitting talking with Johnny. Johnny made a comment, "Oh God, that was a small projectile spittule ball." Then DM responded, "I don't mess around with things like that anymore!"

This is when Johnny and I both started laughing.

Yesterday was beautiful. We started out the day by going with Johnny and Papoila (her wonderful dog) to an outside cafe next to the ocean. Lunch was delicious burgers and strawberry milkshakes. We finished off the meal with cocoa, thick and hot chocolate that reminded DM and I both of chocolate pudding.

The view was fantastic and DM and I both kept marveling over the ocean and the atmosphere. I plan on writing more about the day later, however I do want to share a few images from the day.

Beth 049

Beth 089

Beth 107

The last picture is the beautiful waiter who served us our food. I have a sunburn from sitting in the sun for the few hours.