Sunday, April 03, 2005

So some old guy died...

Yes, yes, I know. The Pope died. I guess this is pretty big news. If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm not an overly religious person. I get the whole Jesus thing, he was a good example, yet I don't really go to church.

But, what I'm really interested in is this. I bought new clothes today. (Before you yell at me, I was joking about the whole dead Pope thing. Yes, he's still dead, but I'm not that evil. DM is. Ask Bryan.)

I did buy new clothes though. And they are awesome. I bought them online and I am able to share the images of them here.

The Tweed


Red Patchwork

red patchwork

Tan Patchwork

patchwork brown

And I really, really want this one (it's called a "Boyfriend" jacket. This I learned today.)

want boyrfriend

On another note, DM is dancing the tango in my apartment with Hippo, her stuffed animal, to the classic song by Tom Cochrane, "Life is a Highway."