Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Pure craziness

Okay, this week may prove to be the busiest of my life. That has a lot to do with my lack of new posts or seemingly lack of new posts.

I really should be going to bed, but I feel like I have to write something. But it will be meaningless drivel. Maybe not, but just more FYI stuff.

DM - I finally arranged our rides to and from the airport. Surprised the heck out of grandmother when I called her and then telling her I was going to Portugal set her back a bit. Pretty fun. I also bought you a present.

Matt - We talked and Sunday is good. Can't wait! You knew this already. I'm losing it.

Johnny - BIG HUGS to you. You deserve them. Also, I did make a mistake with the calendar. We are leaving on Friday, April 29. We'll be there at night on the 25th. What is Seder? Did you look into cars? Should I rent one from here and have the reservation ready? What days would be good for that? Also, should we exchange our money here for Euros?

I realized I need to do tuition reimbursement ASAP from work. I have a pile of stuff to do at work building up and getting ready to be gone for 15 days is strange. But Char will be there and my boss, Andy, will do a great job while I'm gone. I have a fierce loyalty to our team and was told today that I shouldn't be corresponding by email with my boss while on vacation.

While I'm gone, I'm going to use my gmail account. It's brooksba AT gmail DOT com. So if there is anything major, please email me there. I should also be able to check this site and hope to have a few posts during our trip. It's good for posterity.

Okay, had to get up early today to go into a meeting and now staying up way past my bedtime, but need to share a couple of more things.

I went to play pool at RC's tonight with Char and Tom. Ran into Dennis from my days at Bugs. I don't know if I've told the story (I don't think I have) about the New Year's Eve party and Dennis, but I will one of these days. It was a little strange to see him.

My brain just shut down. Good night (good morning to most people). The birds are singing, it's time for me to get a little shut eye.