Friday, April 29, 2005

Back to the Hustle and Bustle

We made it home. I have notes about the flights and still a couple of posts to write about different days, but we're home. A teary goodbye was said and we made it onto our flights.

It is good to be home, although bittersweet. There is always an upside and a downside. I just want to thank Johnny yet again for the time of our lives. Dana (Deya, DM) and I had a fantastic time and we will cherish the memories forever. The invitation always stands for you to visit. The end of August would be a great time, hint hint again.

Now it is back to our lives. We each have a few more days off to recover (DM goes back on Monday, I go back to work on Tuesday). There will be karaoke this Sunday and many more days and nights of adventures, but none with quite so magnificent of a background as Lisbon.