Sunday, April 10, 2005

Can I take a quick glance?

Don't ask me why, but I'm fascinated by the reasons that people find sites. I wonder about what brought them to search something so specifically. Guess what that means? It's time for another list of what people used to find my site.

I don't want to be angry no more lyrics
girls stuck in... glue
Curves Deann Donovan
Minnesota Opening Fishing
Aunt enema stories
infertility AND rabbit fur
my eyelids said 4:30 but the radio clock said six and I was thinking of a reason
Johnny Cochrane warned Michael Jackson not to have young boys to his home
wearing sunglasses at night/Corey Hart
Minnesota Lutheran scary stories
igloo pictures
dudgeons & dragons first edition
teenage enema stories
young girls f*ck stories
"naming characters" "truck drivers"