Saturday, April 30, 2005

Running Around Town

DM and I are now home, as I wrote before, and we're rested up. We ended up crashing at about 8:30 Minnesota time, the jet lag kicking us down and the fact we'd been awake for nearly 40 hours with only a couple of minor naps on the planes. We figured out that we had taken over 4,000 pictures in Portugal. Yes, we may be a bit insane, but our scrapbooks are going to be killer.

One of the first projects we started once we got back was to figure out which pictures to get developed right away. These are the ones we want to have to show everyone that we see over the weekend and the next couple of weeks. We did narrow it down to 165 images. I have a disc sitting next to me labeled Best Pics of Portugal 2005 and we're going to head down to the photo developing place soon to get two copies of each picture and then grab some food.

Going through the pictures just kept reminding us of how utterly fabulous this trip was. I don't know if I could say enough how wonderful the time was. Little moments piled together to create an adventure of a lifetime. We met a fantastic person in real life, we experienced a different culture, and we lived out a dream. As hard as it was to believe that we were actually there it is now just as hard to believe we're home.

Here are five more pictures from the trip, ones from the disc of best pictures that we are developing.

ocean coast
Ocean Coast

ocean 1
The Ocean

johnny at cafe
Johnny at the cafe

beth at ocean
Beth at the ocean

beth and dana at ocean
Beth and Dana at the Ocean