Thursday, April 14, 2005

Can I Go On The Camel Diet?

This is just some of the stuff that's going on in my working life. I'm going to end up gaining weight after this week, I know it.

On Tuesday, I get to work and realize that I have 5 hours of meetings and over 20 calls to listen to (I listen to the quality assurance calls for our team to see if they are scored correctly). This is a long day. I had a wonderful time at work and at three of the meetings, food was present. I was given ice cream at the first (Dairy Queen Blizzard - Butterfinger). The second was a training meeting and there were chips and dip. Then our team meeting had a BBQ complete with hamburgers and hot dogs.

On Wednesday, I arrive at work, remembering a pot luck our team is having. Then the big, big boss walks up to me and explains that he's taking over the meeting I'm running for the team leads and taking us out for pizza. So I get pizza for lunch. When I get back, our team is sharing chicken, chili, deviled eggs, chips, soda, four cakes, and about nine pounds worth of pasta salad. So I'm full when I'm offered cookies and candy at the pool hall later on.

Today, Thursday, should prove to be another big, free food day. A guy on our team challenged the boss man (Andy) that if the team had a night over a certain percentage that we'd have pizza ordered in. So we're getting pizza tonight. I'm also going out to dinner with my boss and my boss's boss.

I'm not going to have to eat for a year! (Exaggeration, obviously.)

Char and I went to play pool last night. I've gone to RC's every night this week now. On Monday, I went with Tom and Char met us after work. (I went somewhere with Tom beforehand and bought DM a present! I'm not telling! I'm not telling!) Char and I headed out for ladies night on Tuesday (free pool! Who can pass that up?) We weren't going to go last night, but of course, ended up there. And we got about three hours of free pool. We also got an invite to come back and play tonight.

The guy at the pool hall is very nice to us. He lets us play and wants to play the game with us (I'm sure he wants to play with us for more than the game, but that's our line to stick to).

Okay, I'm half awake and I need to get ready for work. I'm not overly creative this morning. It's just that staying out past 5 in the morning is starting to wear on me and I don't have time to blog when I get home at night. This will change soon, hopefully.

Today is a big day. I should be getting news on something, one way or another. Cross your fingers for me, even though I'm thinking the worst.