Friday, June 03, 2005

Oh My!

Unfortunately, part 2 of the "Smaller Than You Remember?" post is not finished as of yet. It was the plan to write that up either last night or tonight, but 'the best laid plans' and so forth. Instead I would like to bring to you a few moments from my past couple of days that brought a bit of a smile or a confused gaze to my face.

What's Your Worst Moment in an Interview?

There is another post in progress, saved in my blogger account, that will be finished one of these days (the weekend is arriving soon!) about interviews. In the past month, I have had a bit of experience with job interviews. Two of the times I was the interviewee and now with the new job responsibilities, I am the interviewer. The interviews I am conducting are panel interviews and my former boss is sitting next to me, looking to replace me as I stumble through asking the questions (I am not a pro at interviewing as of yet).

In all of my interviews, I've never had a moment like the one that happened today. My former boss, of the male gender, had a bit of a problem. I had to supress a smile and try not to shake my head during this hour slot of time when, as the applicant was answering something (probably why she should get the job or something like that - you know, standard, boring questions) and I noticed his arm move under the table and heard a zipping noise.

I do have to hand it to the applicant. She never missed a beat, didn't acknowledge him zipping up his pants, and kept sailing smooth. But then, maybe she didn't notice it. I wish I hadn't!

Drugs are Bad, Mmmmkay

After work tonight, I headed to Saint Paul and picked up DM for a little bit of fun out at the Chalet. I'm sure there may be a small post or stories from the night to be posted later, but I do have to share the experience I had with drugs tonight.

It is a common place experience for bars to have people arrive throughout the night who peddle flowers, jewelry, and other junk to drunks. It is a way to make a bit of cash and sometimes there are people who buy the stuff. I, myself, have never been a fan of dead flowers and cheap jewelry that will fall apart before the first wearing so I never purchase any of the things being sold.

At the end of the night, a woman arrived, carrying a bucket filled with flowers, mostly carnations of various colors. The flowers were wilted and her sales were not going well. She made a pass though the bar and after hearing the repeated "No"s, she took a 'short' break to use the facilities.

About five minutes after she disappeared into the woman's restroom, I felt nature call and made the trip myself. Inside I was confronted with an odd smell. Typically bathrooms do not have the most pleasant smell, especially bar restrooms where drunks have regretted how much they spent on and drank of the various 'last legal drugs'. Sulfur is not a typical smell for the bathroom at the Chalet.

I was a bit worried. The Chalet is a great place to go and I enjoy the atmosphere. Why would someone be lighting matches inside of the bathroom? My growing concern lasted through the washing of my hands (without paper towels I might add, that gets a bit annoying. At least there was TP in the stall.) As I left the bathroom, the smell disappeared and I asked DM to sniff around to see if she would have the same concerns.

When I mentioned the bathroom smelled like sulfur, Bryan poked his head inside as the flower woman came rushing out, wiping her face off with a ton of toilet paper. She had a crazed look in her eyes and grabbed the bucket of flowers, running around the bar, trying to sell the remaining droopy florals at rock bottom prices.

Bryan made the comment, "I think it's the smell of crack. It's the Crack!" My first thought was that he was joking.

But no, the woman was smoking crack in the stall next to the one where I was. The joke, "They're smoking crack," or "It's crack smoking," has been common place in the Sheepsheadian group, but I never took the literal meaning of the phrase. I actually witnessed a crack smoker!

These are just a couple of minor things that have happened in the past couple of days. I have three posts in progress, which would you like to see first?

  • Smaller Than You Remembered Part 2 (and the conclusion)
  • The Interview I Would Like to Give
  • DFG, otherwise known as Drunk Flirty Guy and a Pool Hall Adventure

Tomorrow is the last day of training for my new team at work and I will be actually stepping into the role of supervisor fully next week. My schedule has been a bit off for the past week or so and this does help account for the lack of regularity in my posting (besides the break I took). I am excited about the new position and will probably write a bit about the experiences here, sharing my thoughts on the new job at some point. Don't forget to vote for which post for me to finish first!

Oh, and the post for Sunday is already written. I'm just waiting to post it.