Monday, June 27, 2005

Karaoke Gone Wild (Part Something - I Lost Count a Long Time Ago)

Last night, I went to karaoke without DM. Yes folks, that's right, DM bailed on me. I understand the whole "being sick" and "back hurting", but what a week to miss!

Since I was not picking up DM, I decided to hang out at my dad's a bit longer and finish watching, "From the Earth to the Moon" with him. (Excellent series by the way.) By the time I walked into The Chalet, it was after Bryan, Angie, Andrew, and Big Wayne had shown up. Bryan came running over and said, "We've been worried sick about you!" Geez, who knew that 20 minutes was that important?

As I am walking in the door, I see that Andrew is snapping his warm-up pants back up. I had a friend, long ago in another phase of my life, that would do the same thing to a certain pool hall junkie that Angie did to Andrew last night. She ripped his pants right off him inside the bar.

Darts kept everyone occupied for the night, I still have my cold so I decided not to sing too much. In fact, I only sang one song, and that was at the very end of the night. Char and her roommate, Matt aka "Nat", showed up. We joined the table with Liz, James, and Barry. There was an exciting conversation about what will happen when we die and how our bodies will be disposed. James wants to be cremated and have keychains made up for all his friends. I guess it makes keeping track of your keys much more important.

The part of the evening that makes it karaoke gone wild happened after most of the patrons had cleared out. On the way out the door, James (who, by the way, had been drinking quite a bit all evening long) decided instead of just telling us he wears boxer briefs, thought he would SHOW us. So, James took off his shorts.

On that note, Char and I left (Matt had already taken off).

Bryan and Liz are going on vacation and will not be at The Chalet next Sunday. James, Barry, etc. will not be showing up and I have been invited to a party held by someone from work, so karaoke stories for next Sunday will be lacking. Depending how dead to the world I feel on Thursday, I may go Thursday night. This week is going to be earlier than the previous ones have been and there is a day I have to be at work by, ouch!, 9 AM.

DM, we missed you up there last night. There was some crazy stuff that I'm sure you would have enjoyed seeing and laughing with everyone.