Wednesday, June 22, 2005


You know this post: "The rest of Steve's first day, his first full day, and night workers bonding."

Yeah, I wrote it. Then I managed to not save it and lost it. And it wasn't that exciting to begin with.

I should be at work right now. I will be soon, but I should have gone in about noon. I'm thinking I'll be there by 1. I don't HAVE to be there before 1, but I should.

Also, I think DM gave me the cold from H-E-double hockey sticks. Bah.

Without much further ado, I give you the condensed version of the rest of Steve's first day, his first full day, and then what we did at night.

I thought I hired my opposite. In work strengths and weaknesses, I did. When it comes to interests, Steve and I share some odd connections. 1. He likes to do math. 2. He likes monkeys (this has spawned my idea of having a Top Banana award for our team). 3. He enjoys karaoke. 4. He has a blog (don't ask for the address. I don't know it and I'm not asking him for it. Blogging is a private thing. He and I both have the opinion that you don't share the site with people you know, just random Internet people. Although I do give the site to close friends, but I am picky.)

Friday was Steve's first full day with the team. He did a great job. Our team was #1 in our call center for the day, a feat we've been trying to achieve since day one. He is great at coaching sales and motivating certain team members (it also probably helped the one person that won't make a sale was not there on Friday, but let's let Steve relish the glory). To make Friday night fly by a bit, I took Steve out to lunch at Chipotle and we ate there, sitting on the patio and enjoying the weather. I consider it a business lunch. He also got to witness the wrath of one of our bankers who likes to draw attention to herself (she may be a large source of my recent stress).

After work, I went to play pool with Char, Andy, DM, Tom (Char's husband), "Nat" (Char's roommate), and Steve. We had a good time and almost everyone had a couple of alcoholic drinks. Why did I have a drink? I don't know, but I was having a bit of fun. I didn't have a lot of alcohol; just enough to make me not concentrate on pool all that much. Andy is a funny, funny guy and we all enjoyed his antics. Then we went to dinner at Perkins, laughing the whole time we were there.

It was a fun day and I'm glad to now have a team lead. He's out on leave for two and a half weeks now, so stories about him will be a bit lacking. (He had a surgery yesterday. Nothing serious. Don't worry. And the team did send him Get Well Soon flowers.)