Thursday, June 16, 2005


Today should be fun! Assuming approval from three people since yesterday and that a delivery of of review information was given this morning, I'll be able to go to work and make my offer to the new team lead.

I have a feeling the person does not know just how good of a day this is going to be for them. The person is getting an annual review today (raise) + I want to hire them (promotion + another raise) + I get to tell them that not only am I giving them a raise, but they will be qualifying for a shift differential and get an additional 10%.

My own feelings are those of excitement. I am thrilled to be hiring this person and I can't wait to see the look on their face when I tell them. All of my turn downs are done, so once the person accepts, I get to announce it to the team (who are starting to believe I am not hiring anyone) and the center. Today is going to be a high energy day and this thrills me!

I've been bouncing around for two days, excited about this decision and the way it turned out. I have such a wonderful feeling about the team and nothing (not even the slightly bad news about it that I can't share yet) can bring me down. Knowing the process is done is also a huge relief. I can spend more time focusing on the team with the decision being made.

Yea! I'm just happy, happy, happy!