Sunday, June 12, 2005

Posting Cute Pictures in a Desperate Ploy to Avoid Writing Anything of Substance

Smoke Plays (13)

This is my mom's kitten, Smoke. "Little Smoke Brooks," that's what she calls him. He loves to sleep and hunt. Mom has found little rodents and birds laying on the kitchen floor and has watched Smoke play with his food in the backyard.

Mom has not had a lot of experience with kittens. Mac joined her family after maturity and this little guy was quite a surprise for her to find. When I go visit, I tend to play with the kitten, throwing balls against a wall and watching him try to trap them.

One of the toys that Smoke likes is a stuffed soccer ball. It is a hold over toy from the days when Taco would run back and forth, fighting for it. The last time I visited, Smoke hid behind a door, pawing at the ball. These are just some fun pictures.

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