Friday, July 01, 2005

I'd Take A Picture, But...

It's nice to see some people back in the blogosphere. I know everyone has been busy, I've been there too, but that's not really the reason I haven't posted. No, I've been distant since Wednesday because I've been dealing with a violation of my privacy.

At work on Wednesday, my purse was in a hidden spot and while I was at a meeting, someone decided to steal my digital camera from it. We work in a secure location and the employees all have had background checks. Theft has never been a problem at this location.

AFTER I put up signs asking for the camera to be returned (no questions asked), I am left holding onto high hopes that someone gets a case of conscious and returns the camera. I found out that there was another recent theft, which would have been nice to know about since it may have caused more people to hide their stuff. Even our center manager just leaves his wallet out near his desk every day.

Of course, no one saw anything. That would have been too easy. There's two people on my team who didn't work on Thursday that I want to ask if they witnessed anything when I get in today. My chair had been adjusted, so the person who decided to remove the camera had probably been sitting at my desk for some reason or another.

I am absolutely furious about the whole thing. There are suspicisions now in our call center and it feels horrible to think someone you work with has stolen something of yours. It sucks to think that.

So, I'd take a picture of something, but I don't have a camera. The words I've been saying outloud are not pleasant.