Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy Belated 4th of July

For those American readers, I hope your holiday was safe and fun! My day was rather uneventful, even if it did include loud, colorful displays in the sky.

When I got up today, I checked email, etc., and then went to my dad's house. We tried to view a trailer on his dial-up for the penguin movie that I want to see so badly but am totally bummed out because it is not playing anywhere near me. Can you see my pouty bottom lip? It's here, behind the computer screen.

Dad and I went to lunch at Jake's, a sports bar near where we both live. Not bad. I'm not overly impressed, but it was not horrible. Then it was back to his house and we brought the old dart board in from the garage to play a few games.

I headed home, looking for a time killer before heading out to witness the sky displays. Scrapbooking was the activity that helped me through those couple of hours. (Scrapbooking update! I have the pages done about the 25th of April bridge, the Monument to the Discoveries, and the Sé cathedral from our Portugal trip. I'll take pictures of the pages and post them on my scrapbooking site soon.)

For years I have been working on the 4th of July and missed out on the fun. When I hung out at the pool hall, I usually worked on Independence Day and would meet up with the crew after the fireworks had all been lit. Three years ago, I helped DM, Keem, and Jeff move over the 4th. Last year I worked again, so fireworks have been something I've missed out on. I wanted to see the displays this year, but everyone seemed to have plans. (Or lack of plans - like DM who is sicker than sick and just miserable.) Char was working and my dad was going to bed early. I should have called Matt. I haven't heard from Matt in awhile now. I hope he and Christine and the kids had a great 4th of July. Matt - you should call me. Dang you.

I ended up driving up to Blaine to see their display. I found a road just north of the area where the fireworks were being set off and was able to park just along the road, having a perfect view between two large trees. Images have been loaded onto Flickr and I'll include a couple at the bottom of this post.

After the fireworks, I headed to work to find Char. We ended up going to the pool hall and shot a few games. Now I'm tired and ready for bed. Nothing too exciting, just a carefree, worry-free holiday.

Fireworks 070
Grand Finale

Fireworks 020

Fireworks 063
Happy 4th!