Friday, July 29, 2005

Helllllooooo Officer!

Work has started to have a regular schedule and I am finding I have more energy lately. I love this! The other nice part of it is that I have time to go out with Char after work.

On Tuesday night, five of us left the bank and headed to Fridleykins for some food. It was Char, Maria, Corrie, Steve, and I. (Maria and Corrie are both other bankers at the call center. Corrie is still on the team I was a lead for and Maria has been promoted to a sales position.) Of course we had a good time talking and eating and afterwards, Char and I headed to the pool hall for a bit of free pool (ladies night).

On Wednesday, Char and I went to Subway for food and then out to the pool hall to visit with Tony and play a bit of stick.

Last night, Char and I met up with DM at The Chalet, played some darts, sang a little, and talked with Liz, Bryan, and Andrew. DM has a post soon about this night. Once we dropped DM off, Char and I ran to Fridleykins to grab some food and there was this terrible group of men yelling about military experience and how they needed to avoid the cops. There were two Fridley police officers in the building at the time. Let's just say these men were morons.

Well, one of the groups of men decided to take off without paying for food. The Fridley police went out after him, not catching him at all. When they came back, one of the officers spoke to our favorite server, Jen. Char and I got a good look at him.

And then we were giggly. He was adorable! Just cute!

I'm having a good time at work. The new bankers have started and there are challenges, but the challenges are fun and positive. This group did a wonderful job in training and I love it. They are ahead of where I expected them to be and I'm so proud of the job Steve is doing when he coaches them. I'm having fun at work. It is a lot of work and I'm busy all the time (especially with meetings. I have meetings all the time!) But our team is doing great and I think we're only going to get better.

Plans for the weekend include:
Tonight - playing pool after work with Andy and Char and then probably getting food at Fridleykins.
Saturday - picking up DM for a scrapping session (I'm getting farther on Portugal pictures!)
Sunday - DM and I will visit my dad (I need to do laundry really bad!) and then going to karaoke
Monday - DM and I will scrap during the day a bit and go out to dinner with my mom, her boyfriend, and my dad to Manny's Steakhouse. This is in regards to my grandma that passed away in May. We're having a time to remember my grandma.

I have to give an interview for a banker position today and I have a meeting with my boss (1 on 1) for an hour. The rest of my work tonight will be spending time with new bankers and trying to get through some of the quality assurance our team received. Should be fun!