Saturday, July 09, 2005


After almost an entire month of procrastination, I have finally updated my links. What you will notice is that Mark (Meandering musings muster madness) has been moved up to the "IRL Friends" section. I should have done this much sooner.

I also added a few links to the "Discovered and Admired" section. There are a few more I'd like to add but I can't remember them as I've been awake for about a 1/2 hour. Let me know if I've missed you.

One of the reasons I update my links is because I just don't remember to visit any sites unless they are there. It's terrible. I want to increase my reading of other blogs and I really need to dedicate more time to it if this is something I want.

The last post I wrote was about the bombings in London. I mentioned that I do have a friend who is in London and that Andy and I were concerned about his safety. Andy emailed him and he is fine, his quote was, "I'm good, but it was a little too close for comfort." I still feel for all the friends and families of the people who were hurt or killed.

And now, it is time for completely useless drivel! That's right folks, it's time for random searches that managed to produce this site. Some frighten me, some make sense, and others are perplexing. Enjoy! [Any additional notes are in brackets like these.]

girls urin*ting standing up
how long companies keep may be recorded for quality purposes
daddy's l*ttle girl (photos) (stories) (fantasy)
how to throw a punch
now here comes the night (meaning) (piano) [Rob Thomas song]
how to deal with stupid (friend) (people) [Multiple searches]
hypothesis and validate a research study
lyrics Jenny says turn
elderly shouldn't be allowed to drive stories
cowboy boots stories - gay s*x
sheepshead anonymous
recurring themes in the godfather and apocalypse now
sheepshead movies
harleys boots
free very y*ung girls sp*nking stories
brian wilson lying in bed
when the hour is upon us [Rob Thomas song again]
daddys l*ttle girls
stories of l*ttle girls with old*r guys
taco and chip image
time to throw boys a lifeline to learning
meaning nyah
sheepshead addiction
The Dean The Shape I'm in lyrics
bottle rockets & firecrackers photo photos pic
froggy love image
Night Lights shops that want to buy from other stories
Jeronimos monster
Mosterio dos jeronimos
sp*nking young b*ys stories
high school reunion jokes
past time princess sheepshead bay
reputation proceeds me
v*brating plows
sheepshead nursing home
senior picture poses
boys getting en*mas stories
fozzy bear image
stories happy
funny clips wedding
and when the fog has finally lifted from my cold and
five year high school reunion and wha
en*ma story forced
stories I s*cked the m*lky n*pples of my cousin sister
en*ma site:
coftea ingredient
seeing people that are not there
Pool table stories
S*xy bedtime stories
Fr*nkie mun*z is hot
Hypothesis that was used to validate a research study
Cowboy mouth shower beer
Semetary stories ONLINE
Scrapbooking with lisa bearson volume 2
Stories of dad holding his en*ma
Matchbox 20 I don’t want to be lonely no more
Leech lobby touts
The only thing that remains the same is change lyrics
Portie stuffed animals
Salary for walgreen’s pharmacist intern
Big tease
I don’t want to cry no more, I don’t want to have to pay for this
What does the strange grief talks about
Cle*vage oops stories
Dye red to blonde
Art of the silent treatment kiersey
Roll of quarters "troy ny"
"b*th bro*ks" banking [* to deter future searches]
Scott plate iowa
Carrot pants
Conan obrien on location ferrari taurus
Mother lady friend en*ma boy
Stories of g*rls smelling socks
Stories about not following instructions
Tutenstein frankenstein
Copy of training test from razzoo’s
Jason was crying
Receipe for cheese won tons
Baby have some mercy please don’t make me beg on bended knees oh please – jazz lyrics
Gemini dream moody blues
Life stories of the mentally insane
Pictures of l*ttle b*ys taking en*mas
For all my teeth crowns
Mercy mercy mercy shaw lyric
x-files waterloo iowa
mix up languages
original dukes of hazards
lyrics latifah your love is like a chunk of gold you used to be so soft and sweet
mom en*ma boy
deann donovan
the drunken uncle sheepshead
karaoke stories wanted
lying in bed brian wilson
dark tower gunslinger and other ch*ld p*rn authors
j*ggly bell*es
wopatui recipe
deann donovan bureaucracy
the drunken uncle sheepshead

Makes me wonder what type of site this is.