Monday, August 15, 2005

Cleaning out the notebook...

DM and I both carry small notebooks around in our purses. The purpose of these notebooks is to keep our karaoke lists and to write up notes and posts for our blogs. Neither one of us are great at remembering and the notes help.

And then, sometimes, I find notes written that I do not have a clue what they meant. Usually these things are in quotes. They may be random thoughts from DM and I, or they may be completely overheard snippets of conversation.

The notebook I purchased right before we headed to Portugal to visit Johnny is now filled with random notes. It is time to clean out the notebook and move on to a new one. This post is going to be filled with scenes from various nights and not complete descriptions of the evenings. Consider this good, since the full night descriptions may get a bit dull.

Scenes from Shopping with DM (pre-flight to Portugal)

Leaving Coldstone Creamery
B (hey, that's me!): I have ice cream!
D (that's DM!): That's always something to celebrate.
Imagine me bouncing around in glee (hey, it was ice cream!)
D: People all around here are wondering why I'm letting my special child drive.

While driving to find the mall that is not a mall and should be easy to find. Heaven forbid that I could actually know where I was even though I've lived in this area for 21 years.
D: Stars! They have stars! (These were just stars. If you can't tell yet, we were both extremely happy and excited about our upcoming journey and everything was funny.)

While sitting in I-Hop having pancakes.
B: Isn't this a Johnny Cash song?
D: No, I think it is Elvis.
B: You're sure.
D: Yeah, it was a name with an H in it.
Server: Yep. It was Laura.
B or D (I can't remember which now): So that's Laura with an "H".

Scenes from Perkin's with DM, Char, & Tom before we departed

After consuming shots of mayo and getting slightly dizzy off the paint-thinner that was on the rubber balls DM purchased for all of us at Old Navy:

Tom: Now, get your Sweets & your Meats at the same time! Introducing BBQ Chicken Chip oatmeal cookies!

D: Tom is fun to strike. Can I paint your head? (And she looked lovely in the giant hat!)

T: I'm playing with my balls! (He's a guy and young, give him a break. He was bouncing them on the table.
Char: Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! Give! (Get the point yet? Char was trying to control him.)

Scene from karaoke, July 10th

A young man is singing and is quite intoxicated.

YM: We got yippies. (The line is actually, "We got yuppies." I found it funny.)

B: There's only 8 people standing on chairs. Who do you think will fall first?

A man who is not in bad shape but not what we would call a specimen of perfect human form shows off his "six-pack" to the bar.

M: 15 minutes a day! 2 days a week!
Heckler: Do you have Spider-man underwear on?

Scenes from playing pool with Char

In an odd discussion about a vampire cult:

B: They've got Holsteins in their backyard.

When a woman, an obvious Harry Potter fan, walks into a gruff pool hall wearing a neon pink cape:

B: She's got a cape! She's got a cape! That's the best thing I've seen this entire week.

Scene from karaoke & watching random TV shows without sound

B, D, or C: Why are we watching a priest milk a cow?

DM: If you're not having sex, watching baseball is good.

Scenes from karaoke that do not involve TV

DM: Did he just say, "You don't have herpes"?
B: "Her babe."

Random person: You're not a whore because you've got salty boobs!

Scenes from Perkin's (while Char & I may have had a few cocktails and DM was completely sober).

C: Who did I blow today?
D: Was it Andy?
C: You should sleep with Andy.
DM & I look extremely confused at this point.
C: Oh! I blew James. Yeah. That's right.

After a discussion about how Andy's children would not be bald unless the mother's father was bald.
B: Why am I suddenly having kids with Andy?

After putting ice cream on DM.
C: Dana is not a plaything.

Do you see why alcohol and I should not be mixed?

Scene (written on a t-shirt for Johnny by Bryan) from karaoke

A Haiku (that is not actually a haiku)
Two worlds share
Words that sing the same
Sizzling Bacon