Wednesday, August 24, 2005

2 Things (and rambling, hey, what else do you expect from me?)

First of all, I would like to update the story about the people being killed while DM and I were at karaoke on Sunday night. I have found out, after the fact, that the two people who were shot were able to be operated on at the local hospital and did not die. This is a good thing. I also read in a news article that it was not gang-related, but probably involved a reunion going on across the street from the Chalet. Since people did not die, it is a much funnier story!

The other thing I wanted to post is this game I am absolutely addicted to playing. My mom sent me the link and it is called sudoku. You can find it here. My best time (on the easy level - I'm playing for speed right now) is 4 minutes and 5 seconds.

My day was good, although nothing too crazy happened. I got to work a bit early to sit with a banker who is still in training. After that I helped at a BBQ for three hours. We ate burgers, hot dogs, chips, and had a keg of rootbeer. There was trivia and a few of us even played four squares with a giant pink ball. After work, I went to the pool hall with Steve and Corrie.

I have 9 twelve packs of Coca-Cola in my car. I'm bringing them into my apartment one at a time. One has already made it inside. My mom, I do adore her, was nice enough to pick up some Coke for me at the store. There was a sale and it was 5 for $10. I didn't know that it would be 10 cases (didn't know the price originally) and I just gave her a twenty. My addiction is being filled.

iTunes is playing an interesting mix tonight. All the songs have a deep, dark tone to them. Quite a few story songs have played and it seems somber. Usually iTunes seems to find my mood (yes, I know this is odd) and I'm not in a somber mood tonight, but the songs are good songs.

Current playlist:

Face to Face - Garth Brooks
Ego - Medium
I Could Have Been You - Melissa Etheridge
Dear Joan - Tabitha's Secret
Darker Side - Jonny Lang