Sunday, August 14, 2005

Farewell & Goodbye

This morning, sometime right before noon, Char packed up the car and started her drive down to Texas to be with her husband for the next year. The past week has been filled with nights of going out and trying to spend time with my friend before she left.

On Wednesday night, Char & I shot pool so she could say goodbye to Tony. On Thursday, we went to The Chalet for karaoke, visiting DM and the crew. Then we went to Perkin's to eat and allow Char to say goodbye to Jen, our favorite server. Friday night was back at the pool hall with Andy and DM, where I may or may not have gotten a bit drunk. Char may or may not have as well. After pool on Friday, a visit to Perkin's to see the weekend staff was made. Saturday was another night at the pool hall and more liquor was involved. We then made it to Perkin's and Char, DM, and I went to Wal-Mart afterwards (evil, evil Wal-Mart).

These last few nights have been a blast and the reality of Char leaving always seemed far away. Until we dropped her off at her car (she was sober by then) and had to say goodbye.

I miss her already. DM and I have high hopes that she will start blogging in Texas and we can keep in contact through this medium. Here is to hoping this year flies by and Char will return with Tom soon.