Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Accomplishing Nothing

My Monday was a day to do almost nothing. It's a good thing the day was set aside for nothingness, I'm not sure I could have accomplished anything.

I successfully played about 15 games of this stupid computer game on MSN called Hexic. I did managed to watch about 10 episodes of The X-Files (I'm on season 5). I also putzed around with my scrapbooking stuff, organizing, not actually completing pages.

What else did I do? As a true Scorpio can, I obsessed. I tried not obsessing, it didn't work. I thought about karaoke and karaoke and karaoke. There is one thing to say for what happened Sunday (which is so minor and idiotic it is ridiculous) is that it did finally get my mind off of work!

It is thundering outside here. There is a big storm coming and the air is full of electricity. I'm going to work now and will go out with Char (and probably Steve) after work. Oh Internet, I don't want to think of him because he is a bit of a wanker, but he's so cute and my stomach does those stupid flips when he's there. At least I didn't bring up the ball gag conversation in front of him!