Monday, August 29, 2005


Mostly for DM's benefit, I'm going to share the message(s) that I received today.

Him: 9:40 AM: I was thinking stopping by NABABNA* today. r u working - B-Dog ;)

Me: 3:30 PM - Sorry for the delay. I don't work by I am stopping by later. Why are you going to NABABNA*?

Him: 3:32 - I was going to say hi but now im at work

Me: 3:33 - How late do you work? And "Hi"

Him: 3:35 - 5 Or so

Me: 3:36 - Why not stop up after?

Him: 4:19 - too far in traffic

Me: 4:20 - Lame. Were you in the area early today?

Him: 5:10 - yup im going shopping and working out what about later

Me: 5:11 - Sure. Where & when?

Him: 7:09 - donno what do u think?

Me: 7:12 - I don't know. Why don't you just call me & we'll figure it out?

Vmail - 7:21 - Hey Beth, it's ***, I think I'm going to chill for the night but we should definitely get together. Give me a call sometime later this week.

I called him back (since my phone did not ring when he called). We talked for 10 minutes and will probably get together Tuesday night. Unless it creates problems for going out with DM, Liz, and company.

Can I also say that text messaging is a bit annoying? I hate how grammar is lost during text messages.

This is a guy who was a good friend of mine until one party where we both became quite intoxicated and we're still trying to build this friendship back up. It will be quite interesting to see him again. It has been a long time.

*Name of company changed to protect my employer.