Monday, March 20, 2006

What Ever Happened to Just Slightly Crazy?

Sunday. Karaoke night. And the comment I made to Bryan while getting up to sing a song, "Normal. Insane. Why are there no nights in between?" This past Sunday was not one of the normal nights.

DM and I arrived, a bit later than normal, and found that the Chalet was a bit busier than normal. Many of Angie's friends and family members were there. Unfortunately, Angie's grandmother passed away on Saturday evening. The family was there, supporting each other, and many of them were drinking away part of their sorrow.

The first song they decided to sing was, "Cecilia," which bears the same name as Angie's grandmother. While I love this song and thought it was a nice tribute, I made DM promise me. I'm not saying that I will die or anything like that, but if something were to happen to me, I ask that NO ONE ever decides to sing, "Beth," by Kiss as a tribute. Please. I'm begging you. I'll haunt you if you do.

Somehow, the evening turned into, "Sex Song Sunday," which occasionally happens. Angie sang, "I Touch Myself," DM gave a great performance of "Strokin'," and I sang, "You Can Leave Your Hat On." Sara enjoys, "You Can Leave Your Hat On," and Bryan will sometimes give me his hat to wear as I sing the song. Sara got up on a chair, "Stand on that chair, raise your arms in the air, now shake 'em," and danced for everyone.

Once I was back at the table, I said to DM, "Where's Craig?" Speak of the devil and he will appear (although if Craig is a devil, he's a good looking one). We both laughed as he strode in the door and then he inquired about our laughter. We explained and he joined us for a bit. Dan Lange also showed up and joined our little group. And all was well.

Amy, Becky, Andrew, Ki, and even Big Wayne were there on Sunday. There were also a few other "regulars" that are not quite welcomed with open arms with the regular crowd we call our friends. One of these such characters is one we can refer to as "Drunken Honey Girl." She has recently been making appearances, never singing, and drinking massive quantities of alcohol. Our first experience was with her a few weeks ago. While I was ordering chicken fingers, she called out across the bar, telling me how her work makes a honey mustard dressing. She told me how it has little honey, little mustard, but a "whole lotta sugar."

This past Sunday, she was making her rounds and one of these equated to her saying hello to her man by striking a sultry pose and saying, "Aaaah." Then she performed a bit of a lap dance for this man. She's classy.

Craig and Sara went to play a few games of video bowling and that's when the night got even stranger. With all the crazy, drunk activities going on around us, we were not expecting more unwelcomed individuals. That's when Pete, the boy, and another friend of theirs entered the bar. Without invitation, the boy came over and sat by me, not obtaining happy looks from DM, Angie, or I.

As much as we completely avoided talking to Pete, we were unable to avoid the talk from the boy and his other friend. I can say, with honesty, that I am rather annoyed by his presence. See, I've come a long way.

A year and a half ago, the question he posed, "How's the banking?" would have made me think, "Oh, he remembers I work for a bank." Now it made me think, "Well, I haven't been overdrawn in awhile, how 'bout you?" I gave short answers and made little eye contact. That's when his friend, L, started talking to Becky, DM, and I. He found out that DM and I both work for NABABNA*. Apparantly, he works there too. This I seriously doubt.

Not that he didn't quite understand what he was talking about, but many of this statements were not completely accurate. I believe he was trying to impress us, but pretending to be an expert to those who actually know a bit about the company that provides their paychecks does not impress. I can't give too much of the details of the conversation away and keep the company secret, so I won't go into much detail. Basically, he said he works for a department that doesn't exist, doesn't understand that the company has divisions, and does not understand the concept of call centers.

Luckily, our lack of interest in these men eventually paid off and they wandered away. Yippie!

Before they wandered though, Craig was ready to go home. This may be where the evening got even more insane. He said goodbye, promising to listen to "Paradise by the Dashboard Light," for our little number one of these upcoming weeks.

A bit after Craig left, DM told me, as I was singing, "Someone stole Craig's truck!" And yes, someone did. Just insane.

So, we're hoping that the next week, it will be back to normal. But that's what has been going on at the Chalet as of late.

*Again, the fake name for the bank that DM and I work at.