Friday, November 04, 2005

Pictures I Meant to Post...

Pictures are worth a thousand words, right? Here's a few stories then.

Dana dyed her hair. Dana's scalp and ears turned red. Enjoy:

Dana's ear & hair dye

August 111

August 110

August 109

I like this building in Downtown Minneapolis:

Manny's (3)

Have you met a cat that didn't like ice cream?

August 083

He's a reverse penguin!

August 079

The last picture my camera took before it stopped working (I blame Barry):

August 060

James, on his birthday at the Chalet:

August 059

Char visited on September 4!

August 058

This grasshopper stayed on my windshield on my way to work:

August 044

The kitten is getting big:

July 089

My dad thinks this is nightshade:

July 042


July 023

Tom & Char right before Tom left for Texas (wow, I forgot how tan Tom had gotten working construction):

Tom and Char 7-17

A sign at the Chalet, edited by Bryan:

Karaoke 7-17-05 (10)