Wednesday, November 23, 2005


One of the things I do like about Haloscan for commenting is the fact that spammers have a bit of a problem with it. Once in awhile an odd comment will appear, but that happens with or without spam (this is in no way directed at those great readers and posters within our arc of the blogosphere).

I really ought to remember to turn on the word verification for Blogger comments. Even with Haloscan, random comments appear on old posts and I don't find them unless I check my email. Tonight, I logged onto check that email account and found 20 pieces of spam for this site. It is making me laugh.

These are the ideas the spammers are trying to sell and the links are to the posts that they showed up for:
Plastic surgery colorado - about going to IHOP with the girls from work
detroit eye lazik surgery - same post as above
laser eye surgery philadelphia - BNL lyrics
eye lift surgery - random post
laser eye surgery illinois - gay rights post
lil kim plastic surgery - pictures from Portugal
cost of lasik eye surgery - about my new apartment
care correction eye eye lasik lasik surgery vision - I changed my hair
cosmetic plastic surgery - a decent night at work
plastic surgery gone bad - a not so decent night at work
plastic surgery dallas - back from Portugal
information on laser eye surgery - MEME post
hollywood plastic surgery - This is a post about a movie, A Perfect World
laser eye surgery - This spam was started with the phrase, "Hey playa!" The post is about a cricket in my shoe.
bad celebrity plastic surgery picture - Spam has the wonderful phrase of "in an efford". This post was about liking a guy who was 30 and how I felt old.
celebrity plastic surgery photo - This is the Bobby Rae post, aka Blind Date from Hell
laser eye surgery illinois - This is a post about Blogger and how it ate a post.
demi moore plastic surgery - Oh, this is a boy post
laser eye surgery prices - the same changes post as before
conneticut lasik eye surgery - about my care insurance not being the hike I thought it would be.

On a side note, I had a conversation with my dad on Monday about ear candling. I was trying to explain how this guy I worked with once told me about how a beeswax candle could help clean the ear wax out of his ears. My dad kept interrupting with jokes and didn't take it seriously. I told him that I was trying to share something with him. I later found a site about it on the Web and emailed it to him. His reply is great. He wrote, "Maybe if I'd used one I could have heard what you were telling me. Very interesting. Thanks."

My mom sent me some cool links tonight too. You may enjoy these:

The Universe Within - this site is really neat. It shows how you can go from 10 million light years from the Earth all the way to the "quarks" of an atom.

Kaleidoscope - you can add elements to a kaleidoscope and it is fun.

Bush and Blair's motivation - pokes fun at these two politicians

And another from

Reading Test:

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And the worst part - trying to type this without correcting the errors!