Tuesday, November 15, 2005

This annoys me

Has anyone seen the commercial for the Toyota Avalon and the "rain sensing wipers"? I hate this commercial.

Besides the fact that the new technology just proves how lazy we as human beings can be to not want to turn on our windshield wipers, but it boasts that you gain a 1/5 of a second in your life to spend with "family," "friends," and "learning a new language."

If your friends, family, or the new language lesson is not taking place while you are driving, you do not gain time! You are still in the car for that 1/5 of a second. If anything, you just don't have to multi-task.

I've seen this commercial a couple of times now (while watching Lost last Wednesday, at my dad's, at karaoke) and it just makes me angry every time. It is not logical!

On a side note, I went to Walgreen's tonight on the way back from my dad's to buy some deodorant. I went into the store for 1 stick of deodorant. After $48, I may have to admit I have a shopping addiction.

Never go into a store that sells food when you are hungry.

And I bought make-up. I don't wear make-up! What possessed me to purchase lip gloss and mascara? My closet is filled with random beauty products that I've used once. But supposedly this lip gloss will make my lips plump and shiny.

Sorry for having three posts tonight. I get like this on Mondays.