Monday, November 28, 2005

Fun with Photos

In efforts to get some more pictures of our trip to see Johnny developed, I went through the pictures of one of our days and fixed up the pictures. I was having some fun with Adobe Photoshop Elements and I enhanced a few pictures. I'm going to share them here.

7Walk into Evora
This is a statue that we saw during our walk from the train station into Evòra.

Flowers from the garden

green temple
The Temple of Diana

mosiac tiles of leaves
Mosiac tiles enhancement for leaves on a statue

purple overlook
From the overlook

sepia overlook
Overlook again

sketch of sculpture
Sketch of a Sculpture

temple 2
Temple again

temple 4

temple chalk
Chalk enhancement of Temple

temple details chalk
Chalk enhancement again

yellow temple

Beth 2
I'm not developing this picture of me, but I was interested in the filter

Another odd filter of my picture