Friday, November 25, 2005

Karaoke Update

I'm going to let DM tell the stories of the last few days of karaoke. I'm sure her account of the New Song Sunday (including all of the New Kids on the Block songs in the book) is a bit different than mine, but I do want to leave you all with some pictures. These have been taken during the different nights of karaoke during the past week. Enjoy!

The first set are from Thursday night (after Thanksgiving dinners):

All of these pictures are of Reverend James and/or Marian. Marian bought some earrings and James put them on.

Rev James and Marian

Pirate James

Pirate James 2

This next set of pictures are from Wednesday night karaoke. We have a bit of a tradition at work to head to Wild Tymes the night before Thanksgiving. It is one time of the year when people I work with are more frequent at karaoke.

Luke - I've known this character for over 5 years

Dean - always fun to see! (Not a co-worker but a friend from karaoke)

Deneen (no clue how to spell her name) - We've known her from Wild Tymes for years. She is a sweetheart and can she sing!

Dana singing

Craig, Luke and Carlene
Craig, Luke, and Carlene. Craig is another co-worker. Carlene is his wife. They are both fantastic singers.

These pictures are from Sunday when we did New Song Sunday. These nights are always a blast.

Amy and Angie
Amy & Angie-Ang

Me - I have to wear a different bra with this shirt next time

Bryan singing Step by Step
Bryan sang "Step by Step" by New Kids on the Block

Dana dance
Dana, getting into a non-New Kids' song

Dana groaning
Dana groaning over the New Kids' songs

Dana toss hair
Her hair is getting so long!

This is Jason, a semi-regular and pretty nice guy. He also got into the whole "New Song Sunday" and had us laughing!

Sarah singing

These pictures are from karaoke on Thursday, November 17th. There were these kids there celebrating a birthday and we just enjoyed them a whole lot. This night was also a blast.

Joey and Emily
Joey & Emily - the kids


James and Donny singing Cecelia
James and Donny singing Cecelia - it was Donny's first time singing

Donny singing Beth
Donny singing alone and picking the worst song EVER! (I am not a fan of the Kiss song, "Beth".)