Wednesday, November 09, 2005


The evening here in Minnesota is that late fall, chill in the air, and windy type of evening. After work, a few of us decided to head to Perkin's for a bit of gossip (weekend catch up and all) and I was walking out of the building with a banker. We got to the curb near our cars and I stepped up. That's when disaster happened.

I ended up stepping right where the ramp tappers off, not getting the correct footing. After the quick three steps to try and regain balance, I fell flat on my face. Boom!

Choice words may have slipped from my mouth as my knee sent the signals to my brain that it was in massive amounts of pain. The chorus from my wrist was not quite as loud as my left knee and I was feeling the heat in my face as a nice gentleman walking by called out, "Oh my! Are you okay?"

When we got to Perkin's, I lifted up the leg of my jeans to assess the damage. Luckily, my jeans do not have any new holes in them, but my knee has two rather large black and blue scraps. I think there may be three layers of skin missing.

Jen was kind enough to bring me a baggie full of ice cubes and I put that on my knee to help keep down the swelling. The knee is a bit better now, five hours later, but still hurts to move a bit. I'm sure I'll heal quickly.

As we are eating, I feel something odd happen to my right boot. Part of the heel just decided it was time to expire. I must have been quite a sight walking out of Perkins, limping and making a clopping noise with my now different heights boots.

With a few stiff muscles in my back (the jolt of falling), I think I'll turn in a bit early (yeah, 'cause 4:30 AM is early) and make friends with my heating pad. Hope you are all pain free.