Sunday, January 09, 2005

Something to Talk About

At 2:30 AM Saturday night/Sunday morning, my cell phone rang. This was odd, to say the least. Why?

No one calls me unless it's Mom, Dad, Matt, or DM. Since DM was over, I figured it wasn't her.

My mom is NEVER awake at that time of night and if she did wake up, she probably wouldn't call.

My dad doesn't really just pick up a phone to call 'to talk' and 2:30 AM is not his prime time.

I thought it might be Matt. Maybe he had trouble sleeping and wanted to chat with the one person he knew would be awake.

Then I looked at the caller ID.

The name that flashed there confused me. It was the same name as the boy. Except I haven't heard from him since I gave him my phone number (that was a month ago - wow! Time really does fly). And I don't have his number, so how could it show up on my caller ID.

Then it hit me, this was not the boy, this was B, the guy who has the same first name as the boy. I haven't seen B since October of 2003 and I haven't even "talked" with him via email since January of last year.

I answered the phone, confused and stunned. B was a little tipsy (not surprising since the last time I spoke with him he was pretty much an alcoholic) and in a good mood. I was actually happy with the fact that he called, not because I want to pick anything up (I'll get into that in a bit), but because I was curious as to why he no longer works for NABABNA. He did explain to me why he got fired (and he explained all the graphic stuff of being sick, which caused him to be late which is why he got fired. I figure his managers were probably looking for a reason to get rid of him).

I asked about another old friend to see if B still hung out with him. He does and that's awesome. So when B said, "We got to get together and hang out with everyone [the other old friend]", I said, "Okay," because I miss the other guy.

Highlights of the drunken conversation:

He asked where I was living. I think he was mainly concerned if I still lived with Adam. He didn't like Adam much. Not because Adam is gay, but because he didn't like the problems I had from living with Adam.

He said, "It's been almost two years since we've seen each other." Well, it's been 1 year and 3 months, but close enough. It has been a long time. And we used to see each other every single working day.

When I said, "You sound like you've had a few," he explained to me, "Yeah, I had to and now I finally got the nerve to call you." Like he was afraid or something. Why would he be afraid to call me? Oh, yeah, I stopped emailing him back. Oops.

Here's the story (that I kind of skimmed over before) about B. Adam and I had a party in October of 2003. I mentioned this above. At that party, I called B up, looking for the other friend's phone number. On a whim (because I was feeling guilty about inviting someone else to the party), I asked B if he wanted to come over. He shocked me by saying yes. This stunned me because he normally avoided parties where Adam was involved. What can I say, he didn't like Adam. He was a little protective of me.

I had not been drinking at all before I spoke to B. When he said he was coming over, I decided to start drinking heavily. Why? No clue. But I did. The thing is, I never wanted a relationship with B, but he was a great friend of mine and he used to wear his hair long. It was so curly. He was incredibly hot. Actually, some said that he looked like Johnny Depp must without the movie star make-up. Hot.

When B got there, I continued drinking. He had a few before he came over and he drank a bit while he was there. Well, in front of everyone I know, I decided it was time to tell him that he was pretty to look at. He still worked for NABABNA at that time, but he no longer worked in our call center. So I decided to let him know how good looking I thought he was.

When B had been working at our call center, I occasionally got hints that he might be interested in "getting to know" me better. He had heard about the effects alcohol has on me (I get friendly) and then invited me out to a bar. When our call center moved locations, we had a celebration for the last night in Saint Paul. We went to the little Chinese restaurant/bar in the building. B got a little (read as LOT) drunk and I was afraid of him driving home. So Matt and I took him to the casino. This kept him off the roads for about 5 hours. On the way to the casino, B kept rubbing my shoulders and being friendly without pushing the lines of friendship (read as no inappropriate groping). That night was actually a ton of fun. I can look back and smile on that evening.

Back to the party, B and I were both drunk, he knew I thought he was attractive and then we moved back to the living room (1/2 the party goers were hanging out in my room) and proceeded to start making out. There is photographic proof of this. Actually rather embarrassing proof of this exists. B had a steady girlfriend and another girl he was "seeing" when this happened. I can't believe I made out with a guy who had a girlfriend. I don't feel good about this.

The thing is, neither of us were looking for a relationship. It was more of wanting some comfort and action without consequences. So the groping got a little heavier and we moved back to my room. Luckily, DM created a distraction and the groping ended. (Have I mentioned how awesome of a friend DM is? I mean, come on, she faked an asthma attack to get me out of the date with Pete! She ROCKS!) I then spent time talking with DM (in my drunken state) which really didn't concentrate on B. The conversation with DM was filled with many tears and we discussed how I felt about the treatment I was getting from Adam. (Adam and I are friends and we were roommates. There are a lot of problems in that friendship however. Still not ready to write them all down and I don't really need to yet.) B sobered up during this time (it was a long time of talking in Adam's bathroom). He left. We then talked via email for a few months and I just got busy and didn't reply one day.

I do have to say, making out with B was fun. I know, I know, it sounds horrible, doesn't it? But I liked feeling like someone was interested in me as more than a friend. He made me feel as if I was a woman. So many of my relationships with guys are friendship only. I had fun. Plain and simple. What I didn't like was the loss of my friendship with B. We had actually been good friends before this night. He's a bit of a player but not entirely. We've had conversations about his feelings and serious problems in his life. I do miss that a little. He is someone I considered a great friend.

So he called me last night. I'm not sure if it was a "booty" call or if it was just a "hey, I miss our friendship" call. If it was a "I miss our friendship" call, I am glad he called. I wouldn't mind having him to talk to again. It was strange to hear from him though, after so long. I guess I'll see what happens.


At 6:09 PM, CarpeDM thought...

When the phone rang, I had thought it was Adam and so when you said "Why did you get fired?" I was really confused.

The best part of this was when you were trying to communicate to me who it was that called - knowing that if you said "B", I would probably think it was the boy - and you pulled down your scrapbook album from the party and pointed to "B." The telepathy evidenced from the night of your "date" with "Pete" was back because I knew you were thinking the same thing I was. WTF!

Then when you were telling me about how he said you and Pantalone (former co-worker) and B should all hang out, we both said at the same time "I miss Pantalone." Not that we miss B but Pantalone. I thought it was pretty much sure that it was not a booty call because I thought that B had "invoked the name of Pantalone" and then when you told me you had, I began to wonder.

B is hot, yes. But still a bit of player. But it would be really cool if Pantalone became a part of our life again.

Last night was a lot of fun. Especially the part about looking at scrapbooks and remembering good times and a lot of karaoke.

I always enjoy the time I spend with you. Even when you are hopped up on pain killers.