Monday, December 20, 2004

Overheard tonight at the Chalet...

"But we like hot butter on your breakfast toast." - This was completely random, but I wrote it down in my little flower notebook when Dean sang this line in Rapper's Delight. Have you ever read those lyrics? They make absolutely no sense, what-so-ever.

I do need to start off with an apology. My experiment tonight with audio blogger did not turn out as I had hoped. The quality of the audio clips is poor at best, however I am leaving them up. You can listen to them if you wish, let me just say that it sounds soooo much better live. It even sounds better with my digital camera. I am disappointed in my cell phone.

I just realized that listening to my own voice is worse than listening to my calls at work. It's awful. See how much I love you all? I'm willing to leave this horrible, horrible thing out here for the world to listen to. It's so bad. Oh, and the random noises at the end are unique. That would be Bryan and I. Oh, the horrors!

More overheard things from karaoke tonight.

Said to me, "Do you mind if I tell you that you're really good looking?" Then, to me again, "What are you doing New Year's Eve?" Finally, the same person said to me, "Is that a real ring or a wedding ring?"

Was it THE BOY telling me these things (BTW, he hasn't called, I don't care, I took a chance, failed miserably, and I'm ready to move on)? No. It was this man named Jose who I swear is at least 20 years older than I am. I've seen him before, I have no clue why he came over to talk to our table tonight. Maybe it was the lack of people in the Chalet. I really wanted to reply (about the ring comment), "Well, it is a real ring and it would be a wedding ring, I only wear it on my right hand because the government won't allow DM and I to express our love legally on paper yet." DM and I are not together, neither of us are attracted to women, but I found it amusing that this guy would question a ring on my right hand. And what would make a wedding ring NOT real? Is he on crack?

I had another man come over and ask me to sing a duet with him. He wanted me to sing some song I had never heard of. He then asked DM and she also declined.

Later, a man we saw last week joined our table (how do we attract people like this? I don't get it. We're not all that social) and I noticed his eyes. Wait, I noticed what the focal point of his gaze seemed to be the entire time he sat with us. He's a nice guy, don't get me wrong, and probably a pretty good guy since he is one of Bryan's friends, but dude, look up once in awhile.

My idiot comment of the night (please don't mention Freud, I've already realized where this came from (it came from remembering a conversation last week and really is not as bad as it sounds)). DM and I were talking to Dean and this other guy who kept staring at my "assets". The topic of office comic strips was brought up and I meant to say, "My favorite Dilbert comic is..." Replace the word Dilbert with another word that starts the same, but ends completely different. Let's just say, I was embarrassed.

I tried a couple of new songs tonight. You Outta Know is one of them. I tried to audio blog Your Little Secret, but the cell phone cut out during the song and I lost it. I'm sorry. Someday, I don't know when, I'll get a way of having better sound quality. I also sang When You Say Nothing At All and Take My Breath Away. Take My Breath Away was in honor of DM and how wonderful of a friend she is.

Because I feel the need to share (or something), the complete BOY update. He never called and he never showed up. I don't know if I scared him away from his bar or what, but he wasn't there. DM said there may be a reason, but I don't really have an overwhelming desire to pursue anything else. I'm a little confused (not about my emotions or anything like that) because I, actually all of us, read him differently. Seems odd. But not odd enough to give it anymore thought than this. I am only writing this in case people are wondering.

I had a blast tonight. It was also quite enjoyable to be able to focus on conversations with other people and actually register when people (DM and Michael) were singing. That was fun.


At 9:14 AM, The Lioness thought...

That BOY is a bloody idiot, that's what he is!

At 9:44 AM, Matt thought...

Not only is THE BOY an idiot as perr the Lioness, but he is also a bloody twisted, wankin', aggravating, tit. I am glad to hear that you had a good time last night, that is always a good thing to hear. Hope to talk to you later Little Sister, take care.
Big Brotehr

At 5:38 PM, CarpeDM thought...

You know what was really sexy about the whole asset staring dude? How he kept stroking his moustache as he was staring at you.

Ooh, yeah, baby, fondle that moustache. That makes me really want you.

the boy is bad. bad the boy. bad. no capital letters for you, the boy. none.

I miss you. Why is it not Friday now?