Sunday, December 19, 2004

The benefits of thinking before you speak

I did it again. My brain shut off for a few moments and I said something I feel bad about. I didn't mean it this way, it was a joke, but I think I ended up making my big brother do that "knife in the abdomen" routine. He wrote a bit about it here.

Here's what happened. I went yesterday to see Ocean's 12 with Keem and DM. I met them in Oakdale and we enjoyed the movie. Afterwards, we went to Damon's, a sports bar/restaurant nearby. While we were eating, DM mentioned that she loved the movie and wanted to see it again. I called up Moviefone and we decided to go again. We liked it the second time too!

It was late (for everyone but me - the resident night owl) when the movie got out and we headed to my car (Keem left hers at the restaurant for the second movie). I checked my phone and saw that I had two missed calls. I realized that Jeff (Keem and DM's roommate) had called, probably looking for them, and that Matt had called. I called Matt back and set up card playing at Perkin's.

Matt told me that Scott bought a new car that day and then mentioned that Scott had been thinking about a mini-van.

Without thinking, I said, "But Scott can't drive a mini-van. He's not a loser."

It was at this point that Matt reminded me about his former mini-van.

Ever cringe at the idiocies that come out of your own mouth? I did.

I then tried to justify Matt's mini-van ownership. I said, "But you had a wife who probably made you buy it and drive it." Yeah, that's the ticket.

I did tell Matt that I'm glad he finally got in touch with his inner cool self, but I still feel bad. Matt's not a loser. I just don't like mini-vans.


At 2:44 PM, The Lioness thought...

I think it's one of those cases when we say things to make general points rather than specific ones. I can't believe Matt thinks you think him a loser so it all should be fine, we all say stupid things at times.

At 9:41 PM, Matt thought...

I do not think that you would ever believe me to be a loser, I was laughing so hard on the inside after you had said it. Lioness, have no fear, I know that Little Sister does not feel that way about me. Alls well that ends well I say. Hope that everything is going good for you, and I hope that you have a good time in anything you do. Take care,
Big Brother