Saturday, December 18, 2004

A Great Party

I just got home from the annual Christmas karaoke party and it was AWESOME, as usual. I don't really know what to write; it was just a ton of fun. We got to eat some good food, sing some fun songs, and talk with a ton of people. I got to see some people from work and how they are outside of the corporate building. I love that.

I'm too drained from the party to share many stories, but I want to share some pictures. I'm still trying to figure out the audio blogs for the party and I tried a couple, but the sound quality was horrible. I wish I could just post the files from my camera. Does anyone know how to do that?

Well, here's the pictures. Unfortunately, there is not a picture of me. Don't blame me. I did tell Matt to take some pictures and I even told him I wanted one of me.

The work crew - in the back: Matt, Luke, Shawn, and Shawn's wife (who I never got her name), in the foreground - Naomi and Michelle. Michelle is closest to the right side of the picture.

Naomi and Michelle - both work on our helpdesk

Greg - one of our sales bankers

Carl and Penny - Carl is on our team at work and Penny is his wife. She scrapbooks! (Yes, I did use scrapbook as a verb.)

Jay and Jordan - a couple of cool cats from our team, I call Jay my rock star and I call Jordan my rock star in development

Char and Tom - Char is a banker on our team. Tom is her husband. She's soooo much fun. She fit in instantly with our team.

Char and Luke - Luke is a fun guy. I've known him for almost 5 years now. Always good to have at a party.

Char sings - It was awesome to see Char get up and try a song. Lots of fun.

Tom sings - This was Tom's first time EVER trying karaoke. He did a good job. We enjoyed it.

Carlene sings - Carlene is the host of the party. I didn't get any good pictures of Craig (her husband and the banker on our team). She is the life of the party.

Carlene hugs Luke - Carlene is so nice. She hugs everyone. She and Craig are those type that actually LIKE people. They are wonderful people and throw an amazing party.

Carlene dances - Self explanatory

My big brother - Matt sings Werewolves of London. He does a great job.

I will try for better audio blogs tomorrow. It's really early in the morning right now and the volume on the speakers will need to be turned up. I live in an apartment and really don't want to make my neighbors wonder.

I was going to do homework, but I'm beat. Good night!


At 7:45 AM, The Lioness thought...

I'm so happy you had a bril time despite DM and Keem not being there (hope you're feeling better!), can't wait for those audio blogs!

At 8:49 AM, CarpeDM thought...

Um, Jay and Jordan. Cute. Very, very cute. Which one is which?

I'm so sad I missed it.