Monday, December 27, 2004

Random Bits of Conversation (Or DM and Beth scrapbook and enter the land of insanity)

On Christmas night, I went and picked up DM. She came back to my place and we scrapbooked for a bit. After playing with paper, we decided to play a few games of cards.

DM wrote many of the random conversations that resulted of us both being giddy. Read about them here. It is funny and we both realize how strange we truly are now.

One of the conversations to be shared was written in my notebook, not hers. Here it is:

B: Coke makes me burp.
D: I like brussel sprouts.
B: Ow! It tastes like burning!
D: Ah shit, I have to pee.

DM wanted to share something about herself when I shared the fact about Coca-Cola. She didn't mean for it to sound quite as random as it did, but it did. And then we were already in the strange giggle mode.

Here's also a random moment, but not from DM's visit. On Christmas Eve, I was working. I brought in meatballs for those who were stuck in the building for the day. Since the crock pot was full of meatballs and BBQ sauce, I wanted to stir them. Run into the problem now. I forgot to bring a ladle to stir the meatballs.

Since I needed a ladle, I walked around asking everyone if they had one. A man entered whom none of us recognized. This was odd especially since we're in a secure building. I don't know how he got in. He was delivering office supplies though. He needed me to sign this PDA for him to deliver the items.

Here is where Beth manages to scare the innocent delivery man. I say, "Do you have a big spoon?" He looks at me with huge eyes and quietly whispers, "Um, no. Sorry." Then he wanders off. The entire group of bankers around me burst out laughing. I don't mean to do these things, they just happen!


At 7:18 AM, CarpeDM thought...

I keep wandering around asking men if they have any duct tape. They all say no. And then they laugh. Because they know I want it to fix my coat. And I ask one of them this every day.

They all tell me they have duct tape at home. Why is the duct tape not here? Where is my Joe (News Radio Joe. With the duct tape. Now Fear Factor Joe (Just in case there was any questions about which Joe I meant) when I need him?