Monday, December 20, 2004

Questions asked in comments

Alright, I'm being lazy. I hate school and I am really glad this horrible computer class is ending on Wednesday.

Before I get to the questions that I want to respond to, I need to vant about school. Not to be arrogant or anything like that, but I thought I was reasonably intelligent. I have always done well in school before and I am considered a knowledge resource at work. Learning new things has never been too much of a problem for me, but this class has made me feel dumber than when the boy didn't call me. (Yes, he is now down to tiny font and no capital letters, stupid jerk. I might be harboring a little aggression here. What do you think?) This class started so mind-numbing, the whole "a mouse is a pointing device" thing comes to mind. Now we have a final project due that involves setting up two manufacturing firms with a brand new network using the model of an overseas location. I have NO CLUE what is going on. Luckily, my group is nice and let's me deal with setting up the Power Point slide show. I just copy information from the main document and make it look pretty. Except, I don't like making school work look pretty. You would think this appeals to my scrapbook side of my personality, but it doesn't. It's impractical in my head to make a school project look "pretty." The best I did was make the background this pink/purple color. Cause that's not cool.

My teacher is a prick. Sorry for the language, but he is. First of all, he decided to NOT put the deadline for the project in the syllabus. The exact wording in the syllabus is, "All assignments for the week are due on Wednesdays." Then he reamed the entire class out today because the group project was due on Sunday. NO ONE knew this. I think he made it up. He just wanted to be a prick.

He keeps marking me down for comma usage in my papers. Here's an example, "The system is accessed by different software programs and these programs interface with the database." He said that I should have written, "The system is accessed by different software programs, and these programs interface with the database." This guy has no clue how to use commas. I'm not saying I'm an expert, I'm not in any way. It's like writing, "We went to the store, and we went home." It bothers me.

I am looking forward to the break in classes. I really should determine when my next class is. Oh, I looked. It's Employment Law and it starts January 13th. For the first time in my life, I'm just hoping to make it by in this class with a passing grade. I've always strived for A level work and I really don't care what my grade is in this class as long as it's high enough to get my reimbursement check from work.

Okay. Now to the questions asked in recent comments:

"Why is it not Friday now?" Asked by DM on the "Overheard Tonight at the Chalet..." post.
Well, see the world divides time up into segments to help differentiate now and later. Sorry, couldn't resist. Actually, I have a question to you about this one. You said this in response to "I miss you." Are we getting together on Christmas Eve? I thought Keem was going to WI. I would be happy to play some cards or hang out for a while after I get off work. Let me know, but I figured you had family stuff going on. I know we talked about getting together after the family obligations on Saturday.

"What's audio blogger doing?" Asked by Lioness on the "You Outta Know...." post. I don't think it was audio blogger. I actually think it's my ancient cell phone (that has been dropped more times that I could think of keeping track). I really ought to get a new phone.

"Why can you all sing in such pretty voices???" Asked by Lioness on the "Give Me One Reason..." post. Thank you. DM and Bryan have v pretty voices. Matt does too, but he wasn't there. And I like Michael's voice. I still will never like my own.

"Is that Matt speaking?" Asked by Lioness on the same post. No, it wasn't Matt. The swearing you heard was actually Michael, a friend of ours who refuses to let us post a picture of him.

"Which one is which?" Asked by DM on the "Great Party" post. Left to right on the name descriptions. I hope that clarifies.

"Can one person be considered a group?" Asked by Matt on "Blogging Just Because it's Here" post. Yes. I think one person can be considered a group but it's not just a one person group. You are my big brother and I'm your little sister. We make up the group. It might be a small group, but it's a great group.

"Did she not notice the claws?" Asked by DM on "Kitten update..." post. She never even checked, she just took the word of the other person. That's my mom for you.

I saw something on DeAnn's blog on day that I kind of liked. She asked everyone reading to ask her three questions, no more, no less, and then she responded to them. Here's your chance, if you have a dying random question to ask, ask away!


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Random question:

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