Thursday, December 16, 2004

Four Day Weekend!

Oh yeah, this is what I need. I am totally psyched. I don't work again until TUESDAY! Whoo-hoo!

What caused me to take Friday and Saturday off this week? The annual Christmas Karaoke Party! A man I work with, Craig, holds a party at his house each year with his wife, Carlene. It is a total blast! I have been looking forward to this party since July. And it's Friday night!

You may be saying, "But Beth, tell us, pretty please, why do you need Saturday night off to?" Well, I'll tell you since you asked so nicely. Each year, Carlene has a habit of making (twist our arms, why don't you?) us stay until AFTER the sun rises. Since it is a good excuse to have a looooong weekend, I jumped at the opportunity.

There will be plenty of pictures of the party and I will be sharing them here. We get a chance to check out new songs (Craig and Carlene know pretty much EVERY karaoke host in the state and surrounding states) and have fun. We laugh, hysterically, and make tons of memories.

I am linking to a couple of pictures from last year. They are fun and show us smiling. I'm excited that Keem is going this year and we're still working on getting Scott up there. I know he'd have fun if he comes. Who could have a bad time when surrounded by some of the nicest people ever???

Well, here's those links:

Matt, Beth, and DM, the "troublesome" trio (wow, I forgot how blonde my hair was last year)
Matt tries a new song
DM sings her heart out (and does so beautifully!)
Beth claps like a loon, solidifying her place in the nuthouse


At 8:25 AM, CarpeDM thought...

I thought you were waving. Huh. Oh, I guess that is clapping.

Last year was great. I love this party.

At 1:42 PM, The Lioness thought...

OMIGOD, I can see everyone!!! I can actually SEE DM's face UP CLOSE, without that stupid mike in front of her face! You all look fabulous! Can't wait for the new pics, have LOADS of fun!